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Jalisco 5 Day Voluntary Quarantine

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – Based on a predictive model carried out by researchers from the UdeG in which a significant increase in COVID-19 infections is projected in the coming days, Jalisco State Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez has called on all Jaliscienses to not to leave their homes until next Wednesday, in order to control the growth of COVID-19 contagion in the state.

“We are asking the people of Jalisco to not leave their houses from now until Wednesday unless it is absolutely necessary. It is not about government prohibitions or forced quarantine. It is about everyone’s commitment to our people, our state and our country,” the Governor said.

He pointed out that this stage of the pandemic is a crucial moment that will put the sense of responsibility, the capacity of the government, the private sector and the commitment and solidarity of Jaliscienses to the test.

In addition, he stressed that redoubling prevention before COVID-19 strikes is a call for unity and strength between the Government and society to combat the contingency and not a message to panic.

“This is not a call to panic, on the contrary. This is a message to the people of Jalisco to face the contingency together, united, with absolute seriousness and responsibility. It is a call based on scientific evidence, not on occurrences or hunches. It is a call that seeks to avoid the scenario of mandatory quarantine, of radical measures for not acting on time, as is the case today in the state of California,” he said.

Unlike other countries, such as Italy or Spain and today the United States, Alfaro Ramírez, recalled that Jalisco took anticipated measures such as the early suspension of classes, the preventive suspension of massive events of a social, cultural and sports nature; sanitary filters in airports, ports and bus stations; and the closure of bars, cantinas and party halls to safeguard the health and lives of thousands of people, as well as support for small businessmen and self-employed people for the state’s financial well-being.

Finally, Alfaro Ramírez made a call to society: “We are going to demonstrate once again the solidarity of the Jaliscienses. There is no place for divisions, for pettiness, for selfishness. This is a time for the people of Jalisco to work together, I am sure we will not fail.”

Jalisco State Government news bulletin translated and edited by the Banderas News Team.

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