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Jalisco Enjoyed Tourism Boom in First Five Months of 2024

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – The State of Jalisco experienced a tourism boom in the first five months of 2024, generating a significant economic impact of 31.8 billion pesos, according to the State Tourist Information System (SITE).

Puerto Vallarta emerged as the top earner, raking in 17.84 billion pesos, while the state capital, Guadalajara, followed closely behind with 11.35 billion pesos.

Jalisco’s tourism success is multifaceted. “Tourism is undeniably a key driver of our economy,” stated Jalisco’s Secretary of Tourism, Vanessa Pérez Lamas. “It creates jobs and attracts investment.”

Bolstering her point, Ms. Lamas highlighted the state’s impressive average hotel occupancy rate of 58% during this period. Puerto Vallarta’s hotels boasted an even higher average occupancy of 77%, while Guadalajara’s hotels averaged 52%.

Jalisco also witnessed a surge in tourist arrivals. Over 13.4 million visitors flocked to the state, with Guadalajara attracting 6.5 million and Puerto Vallarta welcoming 2.5 million.

These extraordinary results are credited to a concerted effort by the state and municipal government in promoting Jalisco’s tourist destinations both domestically and internationally.

These efforts are spearheaded by the Tourism Trusts of Puerto Vallarta, Costalegre, the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone, and municipalities within the interior of the state. The hospitality industry, with its commitment to exceptional accommodation, and all other service providers also play a crucial role in ensuring that Puerto Vallarta remain premier tourist destinations in Mexico.

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