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Jalisco Introduces Mexico’s First Digital Driver’s License

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – Jalisco is set to introduce the country’s first digital driver’s license on August 15, as part of its ongoing efforts for regulatory improvement and technological innovation. The new digital license, accessible through the “Licencia Digital Jalisco” app on iOS and Android devices, will hold the same official validity as the physical license.

Using Advanced Electronic Signature technology, the digital license ensures high-level security, reducing opportunities for misuse. This cutting-edge tool instills confidence in both users and authorities responsible for road regulations. Jalisco will become the first state in the country to implement this innovative approach.

During the official unveiling of this technological breakthrough, Diego Monraz Villaseñor, the Secretary of Transportation, emphasized the significance of this development, which further cements Jalisco’s position as a trailblazer across various domains.

“With great pride, we announce that for the first time, our printed driver’s licenses will have a digital counterpart. Here in Jalisco, we foster innovation, leading the charge in utilizing technology to enhance road safety and transportation,” underscored Monraz Villaseñor.

Saúl Alveano Aguerrebere, Director General of Road Safety, confirmed the digital license’s validity under the new Mobility, Road Safety, and Transportation Law of Jalisco, which aims to reduce impunity. Gabriel Ramírez Ibarra, Director of Driver’s Licenses and Registration, explained the benefits of the digital license, including data verification through QR codes. Efrén Díaz Castillero, Director General of Regulatory Improvement, highlighted how this innovation contributes to Jalisco’s competitiveness.

The digital license will not incur any additional costs, being included in the cost of new licenses or renewals. It will not replace the physical license but serve as a valid alternative.

Drivers can confidently operate without carrying their physical license, as the digital version holds the same probative value before authorities. However, licenses for Public Transport (type C2) and Taxis (type C3) will still require physical presentation.

The digital license eradicates discretion and corruption, helps detect fake licenses, and enhances security against theft and fraud with advanced protection mechanisms.

Drivers can obtain the digital license when applying for a new license or renewal at the Licensing and Registration Directorate of Setran. The digital license will be automatically generated and downloadable from the official app for presentation to any authority.

Remember, the physical license cannot be obtained through the app; the application process remains at Setran’s service centers across the State. In the Puerto Vallarta area, Jalisco Driver’s Licenses are distributed at the UNIRSE office.

If you already have a a valid physical license, follow these steps to get the digital license:

  • Download the “Gobierno de Jalisco Licencia Digital” app on your mobile device (available for Android or iOS).
  • Scan the QR code on the physical license.
  • Verify your identity through facial recognition.
  • Enter the code sent via SMS or Email for the download.

With this groundbreaking digital license, the State of Jalisco pioneers a new era of secure and convenient identification for drivers, exemplifying its commitment to innovation and efficiency in public services.

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