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July 2024 News from PuRR Project Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The latest news from PuRR Project, a non-profit, no-kill feline shelter just north of Puerto Vallarta that provides homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay with the ultimate goal of adopting them out to loving homes sterilized, vaccinated and disease free.


The summer rains finally arrived in late June and it’s both a relief and a scary time as we never know what the tropical weather will bring. The cats that live in the yard find refuge on the ranch house porch and in the two rain shelter/feeding stations, one of which was destroyed last October in a Hurricane but has been rebuilt. A dirt road that takes us near the shelter was paved last month so at least our volunteers and vets have an easier time getting there in the rainy season.


Just when we thought the nursery casitas could not get any fuller… 43 cats were abandoned at the shelter in June, mostly very young kittens. We are trying not to panic! We do the best we can to get them bathed, weighed, named, wormed, fed with quality kitten food, tested when old enough, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and then send the most social ones to PetCo on the weekend. It costs about $120 per kitten and adds up to thousands of dollars each year. We rely solely on public donations and can really use your help right now. It’s easy to use the PayPal link on our website or send a check if that is your preference. Get all the info at purrproject.com.


This beautiful kitty was rescued by volunteer Pat Fields when someone moved and left her behind to fend for herself. She is a Siamese type, approximately two years old, very loving and deserves a real FOREVER home. If you are interested in adopting, contact Linda at adopt(at)purrproject.com for more details.


We had one great adoption last month when Sherry Boxall and Marc Mischkino trusted us to bring them the purr-fect kitty to be a companion to “Romeo” and that’s how “Hunter” found his Forever Home. But most of our adoptions are done at the PetCo Adoption Center each weekend! There were 8 in June and we are grateful for those, but we need more! So please consider us when you are ready to adopt a new furry friend.


Fostering kittens is a lot of work! It’s usually the most vulnerable ones that need it and always heartbreaking when you can’t save them. But seeing one you have nurtured go off to a Forever Family is a happy day. So we are very grateful to volunteers such as Catherine Goglia (27 fosters in the last year!), Cathy Case, Trisha Aljoe and Renee Sproles who have taken on this difficult but rewarding task.


The kitties loved the donations of new toys and cat scratching posts last month! Plus we had generous donations from Richard Robertson, Keith Cowan & Faye Cardenas, Ian Harris, Averie Sunshine, Diane Zarse and Thomas Bleuer. We are very grateful to our monthly donors: The McCullough Family Gift Fund, Gary Phillips, Teri & Gray Levy, Sharon & Ken Rose, Joanne Bryla, Trisha Aljoe, Pat & Sandy Glenn, Catherine Goglia & Jim Shoemaker, Karen & Walt Trolson, Jerry Petrizzo, Heidi Benedict, Timothy Oleno, Larry Sherwood, Mary & Bob Fitzgerald, Robert Weed, David Flannery, Elizabeth Fuerherm and Janice North.

For more Kitty News & Photos, please visit PurrProject.com.

PuRR Project is a Non-Profit shelter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that provides homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay with the ultimate goal to adopt them out to loving homes. All of our residents have been sterilized, vaccinated and are disease free. We accomplish this through our own efforts as well as collaboratively with other animal welfare organizations. Both monetary donations as well as donations of dry cat food are most welcome – and much appreciated. Donations 501(c)(3) tax-deductible in the U.S. For more information, visit PurrProject.com or send an email to info(at)purrproject.com.

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