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June 2024 News from PuRR Project Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The latest news from PuRR Project, a non-profit, no-kill feline shelter just north of Puerto Vallarta that provides homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay with the ultimate goal of adopting them out to loving homes sterilized, vaccinated and disease free.


With around 84 kittens still at the shelter, every possible space is FULL. We took in another 24 kittens and one mother in May. We were grateful for 6 adoptions at PetCo and two more at the shelter but it’s obvious we will end up caring for many of these kitties for their lifetime. We rely solely on public donations and, as we go into the slow season, we can use your help. It’s easy to use the PayPal link on our website or send a check if that is your preference. Get all the info at: purrproject.com/donate.


Those of us who have even a couple of cats at home know how much and how heavy the litter box waste can get! Can you imagine that multiplied by 300? With about 17 litter boxes that are cleaned twice daily, plus there are the dozens of yard cats, all that waste had to go somewhere… the BIG HOLE! So, every couple of years, we bring in a backhoe to dig a new compost hole at the far end of the property, then cover the old hole and haul away any extra soil.

Overall the shelter is looking good. Much of Mexico has been suffering through a series of the worst heat waves in history… and it’s not even summer yet! Thankfully, being near the Pacific Coast has helped keep it cooler here in Banderas Bay. Now we just wait for the coming tropical rainy season which usually starts mid-June. Meantime, the staff and volunteers are trying to stay cool and the cats just care that they get their treats!


We occasionally take someone to the shelter who is interested in adopting one of our older cats. We’ve also been fortunate to have fosters who have arranged adoptions through friends or Facebook connections. But the majority of our adoptions are through our arrangement with PetCo in Puerto Vallarta to bring kittens to their Adoption Center each weekend. So be sure to check there when YOU are ready for your next Best Furry Friend!


We are extremely grateful to our monthly donors: The McCullough Family Gift Fund, Gary Phillips, Teri & Gray Levy, Sharon & Ken Rose, Joanne Bryla, Trisha Aljoe, Pat & Sandy Glenn, Catherine Goglia & Jim Shoemaker, Karen & Walt Trolson, Jerry Petrizzo, Heidi Benedict, Timothy Oleno, Larry Sherwood, Mary & Bob Fitzgerald, Robert Weed, David Flannery, Elizabeth Fuerherm and Janice North.

For more Kitty News & Photos, please visit PurrProject.com.

PuRR Project is a Non-Profit shelter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that provides homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay with the ultimate goal to adopt them out to loving homes. All of our residents have been sterilized, vaccinated and are disease free. We accomplish this through our own efforts as well as collaboratively with other animal welfare organizations. Both monetary donations as well as donations of dry cat food are most welcome – and much appreciated. Donations 501(c)(3) tax-deductible in the U.S. For more information, visit PurrProject.com or send an email to info(at)purrproject.com.

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