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Mayor Asks Vallarta to be Responsible

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – Puerto Vallarta, like the whole country, is going through difficult times and more complicated days are ahead due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is necessary for the people to be disciplined, take care of themselves, protect themselves and follow the indicated protocols to overcome this health emergency, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña said on Monday.

During the weekly meeting of the Regional Security Council, the mayor referred to the increase in cases registered in Puerto Vallarta, and to the new restrictive measures announced Sunday by Jalisco State Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, and reiterated the importance of not letting one’s guard down but to redouble efforts and abide by these provisions to prevent the pandemic from continuing to grow.

“We are the barrier, if we stay at home we will prevent this from spreading,” he said, and as for the people who have to go out to work, he asked that they do so following the recommended hygienic measures, including the wearing of face masks when out in public, which is already mandatory.

He specified that only essential companies and businesses can continue operating, as long as they comply with the established protocols and recommendations. Those who do not respect them will be sanctioned or closed, he warned.

He said that COVID-19 is the priority at the moment, but there are also other threats that should not be neglected such as dengue, security and other important issues that are being addressed in the municipality, along with this pandemic.

The task put to municipal authorities in this contingency, indicated Dávalos Peña, is to maintain order, inform citizens about the hygiene and security recommendations in place, and to carry out disciplinary actions to ensure that they are being followed. The Mayor did not rule out the implementation of more stringent measures if the people of Vallarta do not abide by these prescripts, saying that noncompliance put the health and lives of others at risk.

He pointed out that many people still do not understand the magnitude of the situation, and are going out in groups to spend the day on the rivers in places like Paso del Guayabo, Ixtapa, La Desembocada and Boca de Tomatlán where, over the weekend, several families had to be removed.

He mentioned that the staff of the different operational areas of the municipality are working with the utmost care, since failure to do so puts vital public services such as health, security, traffic, firefighters, civil protection, among other municipal services that must continue, at risk.

“We are going through difficult times and more difficult times are coming, if we do not discipline ourselves, if we do not take care of ourselves, if we do not protect ourselves, if we do not comply with all protocols, it will take us longer to recover from this situation,” said the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Food Distribution Program Continues

Mayor Dávalos reported that the second installment of the ‘Es por Vallarta’ food support program, which helps people survive this difficult time, especially the most vulnerable families and those that are now unemployed due to the closing of local businesses, is underway.

Delivery of despensas began yesterday at the 23 distribution centers scattered around the city, and will continue today, on Friday and again on Monday with the goal being to benefit another 10,000 Puerto Vallarta families in this second installment.

The ‘care packages’ are being distributed via an appointment system devised to keep crowds of people from gathering together in one place as the despensas are being distributed, and to ensure that they are delivered in a safe, orderly and organized manner.

Source: Puerto Vallarta Municipal Government news bulletin translated and edited by María Francesca for BanderasNews.com.

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