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Mexico Explained, in Plain English, at The Boutique

For more information, visit ConnectWithMexico.com, or send an email to connectwithmexico(at)gmail.com.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – Are you confused about Mexico? Do you have questions about the country, its people or customs? You don’t need to learn Spanish to Connect with Mexico, just come to The Boutique Theatre every Thursday at 11:00 am for ‘Mexico explained, in plain English.’

Hosted by Carlos Navarro, who recently served as political analyst and policy adviser to the Chief of Staff to the President of Mexico, the ‘Connect with Mexico’ series will give you a better understanding of your adopted country.

This series of friendly conversations about Mexican culture, geography, history, literature, art, government and its many peoples, will help you think and act in a more bicultural fashion as the many wonders and intricacies of this fascinating country are explained through words, images, and insights that help you better understand ‘Mexican ways.’

Each week focuses on a specific topic. Next up:

“Good, Bad and Ugly Mexican Legends”

Time wasn’t enough last week to explore the legends of Mexico. Those that help us understand so much about the country and its people. So, this week we’ll discover some opposing, quite contradictory, stories. How can Mexicans carry on inside such opposing world views?

The figure of a loving mother for everyone appears to clash with a specter worshiped mostly by criminals. While some Mexican legends describe amazing feats of love and solidarity, others seem to forget all about justice and fairness. Come enjoy them all and decide on your own which of these your Mexican friends hold dear.

Want to learn more? Then be sure to come to The Boutique Theatre on Thursday, February 7, at 11:00 am to “Connect with Mexico.” There’s no doubt we can all learn something, enjoy each other’s company, and gain new insights on how to enjoy Mexico even more.

Tickets cost $250 Pesos per person, per session, and can be purchased at The Boutique Theatre or online at btpv.org.

For more info, visit ConnectWithMexico.com, or email connectwithmexico(at)gmail.com.The Boutique Theater is located upstairs at Nacho Daddy, a popular restaurant, sports bar and live music venue located at Basilio Badillo #287 on the south side of Puerto Vallarta. Attendees are encouraged to remain after the Connect with Mexico presentations to enjoy Nacho Daddy’s daily lunch special or something from their “Mex-Tex” menu, which includes such favorites as Tortilla Soup, Steak Nachos and Chicken Fajitas, along with a wide selection of North American favorites, like chicken fried steak, juicy hamburgers and a variety of soups, salads and sides – all reasonably priced.

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