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Mexico’s Presidential Palace Officially Recognizes Feline Residents

Mexico City’s National Palace, a historic landmark steeped in cultural significance, has welcomed a unique group of residents into its fold – nineteen feral felines. These independent cats, who have long graced the palace gardens and halls with their presence, have now achieved official status as “living fixed assets.”

This innovative designation, the first of its kind in Mexico, guarantees the cats’ well-being for life. The government, under President Andr茅s Manuel L贸pez Obrador, has pledged to provide them with food and veterinary care, ensuring their continued reign within the palace walls, even after the leader leaves office in October.

Palace staff worked with vets from the National Autonomous University of Mexico to vaccinate, sterilize and chip the cats, and build them little cat homes and feeding stations around the garden. They also hired Jes煤s Arias as the palace veterinarian, who is charged with taking care of them and giving them a good life.

The cats hold a special place in the hearts of both staff and visitors. Arias described their playful antics, including photobombing press conferences and greeting tourists with a regal air. Adriana Castillo Rom谩n, the general director of the National Palace and Cultural Heritage Conservancy, emphasized the cats’ role as cherished symbols, stating, “Just as we understand this world, I wouldn’t understand the National Palace without the presence of these cats.”

The palace’s feline residents boast a diverse heritage. Some, like the orange tabby “Bowie,” share their names with iconic figures, while others, like “Ollin” (meaning “movement” in the Aztec language), carry the weight of history. Staff believe these independent spirits have graced the palace grounds for at least half a century, with some cleverly maneuvering through a discreet opening in the gate.

President L贸pez Obrador himself has embraced the feline presence, acknowledging their dominance within the palace walls. These furry companions, with names like Bellof, Nube, Coco, and Yema, have undoubtedly found a purr-fect home amidst the grandeur of Mexico’s historic seat of power.

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