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Micron Technology to Build Engineering Center in Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – Semiconductor manufacturer Micron Technology recently announced plans to establish a new engineering and operations center in Guadalajara. This move comes shortly after the company received a $6.1 billion grant from the U.S. government.

Micron is aiming to bolster its global expansion strategy and leverage the growing technological and business environment in Guadalajara. The center will focus on developing memory solutions for next-generation Artificial Intelligence tools. Close collaboration is planned between the Guadalajara team and existing Micron operations in the US to ensure continuous innovation alongside expanding US manufacturing.

Micron, a major player in the US semiconductor industry, is renowned for producing Dynamic Random Access Memories (DRAM), a critical component for computer data storage and retrieval.

Micron executives see significant talent potential in the Mexican workforce. They believe this new center will contribute to Micron’s leadership and innovation in the industry, similar to Intel’s established design center in Guadalajara, which specializes in chip validation testing.

April Arnzen, Micron’s executive vice president, specifically highlighted Mexico’s robust university system as a key factor for attracting talent with the necessary skills for the semiconductor industry. The Idaho-based company anticipates further collaboration opportunities within Mexico’s technological ecosystem.

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