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New Waste Transfer Station Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña announced on Sunday that very soon Puerto Vallarta will have a waste transfer station that will improve garbage collection service in the city by optimizing the use of equipment which, in turn, will expedite pick up times.

According to the municipal president, the project plans and resources of around 7 million pesos for the transfer station’s development are already available.

Last weekend, during a supervisory tour of the old dump in El Magisterio, the mayor announced that it will be where this transfer station will be built. There, the collection trucks will deposit their loads in long-box units, which have the capacity to hold the waste from about four garbage trucks. The long-box trucks will be able to move the compacted garbage to its final destination, the El Gavilán landfill, in a single trip.

“The collection trucks will no longer have to travel to El Gavilán as they do now; they are going to come here, where the garbage will be moved into another type of truck with greater capacity. This means we are going to save fuel, we are going to save time, we are, of course, going to improve the quality of service, which will obviously help us to give better attention to citizens,” explained the mayor.

Along with the directors of Municipal Public Services, Diego Franco Jiménez, and Public Works, Juan Arias Chávez, the mayor reviewed the project that will take advantage of this space in El Magisterio, which is currently used for the repair of sanitation units.

This innovative waste transfer station will include, among other aspects, the construction of a ramp and an area for the direct unloading of the trash collection units to the long-box truck, so that no garbage will be dumped in El Magisterio.

The mayor also supervised the maintenance works that are constantly carried out by Municipal Public Services Department on the San Nicolás property, a space in which the pruning and other clean rubble collected throughout the municipality is deposited.

Source: Puerto Vallarta Municipal Government news bulletin translated and edited by Diego Sancho for BanderasNews.com.

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