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‘Operation Semana Santa’ Continues This Week in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – The Puerto Vallarta Civil Protection and Firefighters Department was kept busy during the first week of the Easter holiday period, with a preliminary report of 267 services rendered, in addition to the everyday preventive measures that are maintained throughout the municipality to safeguard the well-being of residents and visitors.

Following the indications of Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, the dependency led by Gerardo Alonzo Castillón Andrade continues to monitor the city’s busiest beaches, both on land and from the sea, since this strategy allows for faster response to any emergency.

In addition to keeping a close eye on everyone enjoying beach and ocean activities, Puerto Vallarta lifeguards are providing safety recommendations to beach-goers, especially those with small children, and posting flags that indicate the current conditions of the water and whether or not it is safe to swim.

Among the interventions that stand out in these first six days of the vacation period were the 147 people that required pre-hospital attention derived from various incidents, both on beaches and in the streets and neighborhoods of the municipality. These were followed by general services with 102 attentions and aquatic rescue services with 18 interventions. Likewise, support was provided for the different religious events held in the city’s delegations and neighborhoods.

The areas with the highest number of services required were the downtown (El Centro) area with 105, the El Pitillal delegation with 67, and the federal maritime land area (beaches) with 30.

The work continues in this second week of the holiday period, as the commitment is to continue taking care of the integrity and well-being of all those enjoying Puerto Vallarta during the Easter holiday period and to ensure that the ‘Semana Santa 2022 Operational Plan’ concludes with the best results.

It should be remembered that in these actions, municipal, state and federal authorities join efforts, as well as volunteers, such is the case of 18 rescuers who joined the Directorate of Civil Protection and Firefighters to strengthen preventive work and help the population.

Source: Metropoli Bahía

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