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Puerto Vallarta and Santa Barbara Ratify 50-year Friendship

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – On Tuesday, a commemorative ceremony was held in the central courtyard of the municipal palace, where the ratification of the Puerto Vallarta and Santa Bárbara Sister Cities Friendship Agreement was signed by Municipal President Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez and the president of the Santa Barbara Sister Cities Committee, Sebastián Aldana Jr.

Puerto Vallarta Mayor Profe Michel led the ceremony in which the 50 years of twinning of Puerto Vallarta and Santa Bárbara, California, was commemorated.

“Only brotherhood and fraternity are capable of awakening the deepest values in humanity and that is precisely what we are celebrating on this occasion, a brotherhood of half a century with our family from Santa Barbara, California,” he said.

He recalled that 50 years have passed since this Sister Cities Committee began in 1972, and that it brought with it great contributions to Puerto Vallarta, such as the Santa Bárbara rehabilitation clinic, the hyperbaric chamber (one of the three that existed in the country at that time), the dolphins fountain on the Malecón, the exchange program between the police corporations of both cities that is still in force, more donations, the construction of libraries, support for the Fire Department and much more from our generous sister.

“Today, as we renew this twinning, I am sure that we will continue to find that strong spirit to add to our progress, and together we will continue knocking on doors and generating resources for the benefit of Puerto Vallarta and Santa Bárbara. Today we once again make the commitment to continue strengthening the noble brotherhood of our beautiful cities. Congratulations on these 50 years of being Puerto Vallarta – Santa Barbara Sister Cities. Let’s go for another 50! Vallarta has its doors open,” Profe Michel exclaimed.

For her part, the president of the Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities Committee, Irma Lorena Pérez Copado, said that for five decades there have been “historically exciting and challenging moments, building a stronger and more lasting understanding. We have achieved a greater understanding and appreciation of our cultures. There have been many notable events, including numerous back and forth exchanges, of social and economic impact. We wish our cities and associations a continuous, close and fruitful relationship, which can contribute to building world peace.” The president of the Santa Barbara Sister Cities Committee, Sebastián Aldana Jr., read the same message in English.

Previously, four paintings were shown with commemorative works of this great occasion, which enunciate the words love, brotherhood, respect and friendship.

Also present at the event were councilors María Elena Curiel Preciado, Pablo Ruperto Gómez Andrade and Christian Eduardo Alonso Robles, directors of different departments, as well as a large group of members of the Santa Bárbara and Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities Committees.

Source: Puerto Vallarta Municipal Government

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