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Puerto Vallarta Eagerly Awaits the Cooler Time of Year

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – As the Summer heat and humidity seem to drag on and on, many people in Puerto Vallarta are wondering when the temperatures are going to drop and provide some relief from this really hot and sweaty time of year.

We have heard the complaints more times than we can count from people who can’t recall from year to year. “When will it cool off?” or “When will it be normal again?” and our favorite… “The heat is sticking around a lot longer this year.” The answers to those questions and statements is that this is normal; we simply refuse to remember that fall in Puerto Vallarta doesn’t really begin until around Thanksgiving.

During the Summer and early Fall, it’s the humidity and dew point, not the heat, which affects us. The average daytime temperature in Puerto Vallarta fluctuates between 80° and 95° Fahrenheit, which is 27° and 35° Celsius. Rainy season begins in June and starts tapering off by the end of October.

But it’s not the heat, but the humidity combined with the dew point, that makes you feel so hot and sticky.

Comfort levels, when it comes to humidity, which stays relatively level throughout the year, are based on dew point. Dew point is what determines whether perspiration evaporates from the skin. The lower the dew point, the drier and cooler you’ll feel.

The dew point doesn’t change quickly; it’s a gradual process. If you have a sultry day, you are guaranteed to have a sultry night’s sleep. Puerto Vallarta, as many of us are aware, is impacted by an extreme cyclic distinction from winter to summer and if anyone asks you why it’s still so hot, you can tell them it’s the dew point.

Rain has a profound effect on the dew point, so if it’s raining or rain is expected in Puerto Vallarta, you can count on being very warm. We’ve heard that the least muggy day of the year is January 24th on an average, whereas the most oppressive day usually falls around August 23rd – so, if you are in Puerto Vallarta this week, be prepared!

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