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Puerto Vallarta Expects 4 Cruise Ships & Amerigo Vespucci in June

Puerto Vallarta’s international cruise ship segment is experiencing a low season in June 2024, with only four scheduled arrivals of large cruise ships.

According to the Administration of the National Port System (ASIPONA), no cruise ships are expected in the first ten days of June. The season kicks off on Tuesday, June 11th, with the arrival of the Carnival Panorama. This will be the only arrival for the second week.

The third week will see a slight increase in activity with two arrivals: the Carnival Panorama returning on June 18th and the Navigator of the Seas arriving on the same day. This will be the only instance of multiple large cruise ships docking in June.

The Carnival Panorama will make its final appearance for the month on Tuesday, June 25th, marking the end of cruise ship arrivals for June. This limited schedule will likely pose challenges for service providers who rely heavily on cruise ship tourism.

However, there will be an additional vessel docked at the terminal on June 18th. The Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian navy training ship, will be making a stop as part of its global tour. The public will have the opportunity to visit the Amerigo Vespucci, which will be docked at Pier 3 until Sunday, June 23rd. Due to its presence, the Navigator of the Seas will be anchored during its June 18 visit.

With limited cruise traffic this June, Puerto Vallarta’s tourism industry may face a temporary lull. However, the unique opportunity to explore the Amerigo Vespucci offers a silver lining, potentially attracting a different kind of visitor and fostering cultural exchange.

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