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Puerto Vallarta Faces Litter Challenges Amid Summer Tourist Influx

Puerto Vallarta anticipates a surge in domestic tourism during the summer vacation season. While this has a positive economic impact, it can also lead to an increase in litter.

The city experiences challenges in waste management due to a shortage of garbage trucks and inadequate numbers of public trash cans, particularly in beaches, parks, and other public areas. Despite these limitations, the municipal government maintains consistent garbage collection efforts. The Directorate of Environment and Ecology implements regular cleaning programs throughout the bay area.

However, public cooperation is crucial in maintaining cleanliness. Local businesses and individuals regularly organize clean-up initiatives with residents volunteering to keep their neighborhoods, beaches, rivers, parks, and streets litter-free. Consider joining one of these clean-up efforts.

Residents can also contribute by ensuring their household trash is securely tied in heavy-duty plastic bags, avoiding placing items on top that attract stray animals. Exposed food waste, such as chicken bones and unrinsed cans, often leads to scavenging by animals, creating further mess.

Posting images of garbage piles on social media does little to address the issue. Instead, residents should research the garbage collection schedule in their neighborhoods, ensuring timely and proper disposal. Observations have shown that garbage collectors in some areas are punctual and go above and beyond to keep the streets clean.

Another way community members can actively participate is by collecting trash they encounter during walks, particularly in known dumping grounds. This includes addressing open dumping grounds in empty lots and picking up litter at beaches and parks.

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