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Puerto Vallarta Mayor Redoubles Efforts to Keep City Clean

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The newly elected Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, last week called on the city council and members of the Public Works department to redouble their efforts in keeping the city clean. He reminded them that they have an important task and commitment to the citizens who have placed their trust in this administration.

“The reflection of our port, the image we give, is because you help us with garbage collection, working 24 hours a day, rain or shine, to fulfill your task. I invite you to continue in that way because Vallarta continues to grow and will receive more tourists, and that is because you have put all your efforts into maintaining a clean city,” said the mayor, adding that on behalf of this government he will be giving them the tools necessary to continue carrying out their work.

He noted that upon the arrival of this administration, there were about 12 routes that had not been covered for days, due to the poor conditions in which many of the collection units were left, but thanks to the efforts of the cleaners and mechanics, 12 units have already been reactivated to provide the best of services and achieve an always clean city that provides the image that Vallartenses and visitors want.

During his visit to the Waste Transfer Station, in the Magisterio neighborhood, the mayor authorized the return of the rehabilitated trash collection trucks to service. The rehabilitative works included giving the trucks a new image, in addition to providing the crews with basic work tools that they had previously lacked.

Professor Michel also superintended the operation of this Transfer Station, knowing the situation in which it was received, and overseeing the actions that are currently being carried out for a better operation.

On behalf of the Municipal Services Directorate, the conditions in which this agency was received was reported. These findings included only 13 compactor trucks had been in operation to serve a total of 42 routes. Thanks to this effort, 12 reconditioned units have already been added, so there is now a fleet of 25 trucks that provide service 24 hours a day, and all garbage routes are one hundred percent covered.

Source: Puerto Vallarta Municipal Government press release

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