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Puerto Vallarta Reports Safe First Week of Easter Vacation

Puerto Vallarta emerged from the first week of the Easter vacation period (Semana Santa) unscathed, reporting a successful week despite a throng of tourists. Over 82,000 visitors basked on the city’s famed beaches, their laughter and chatter blending with the rhythmic crash of waves. The iconic Malec贸n (boardwalk) teemed with life as well, with hordes of people strolling along its picturesque path, enjoying the ocean breeze and vibrant atmosphere.

Interim mayor Francisco Jos茅 Mart铆nez Gil addressed a press conference, his voice brimming with relief as he announced a “saldo blanco” on the safety front. He assured that ongoing operations would continue during Easter week (Pascua) to safeguard both tourists and local residents.

Security Commissioner Rigoberto Flores Parra elaborated on the implemented measures, describing how patrols fanned out across the city, keeping a watchful eye on beaches, bustling downtown areas, and popular shopping plazas. These vigilant efforts primarily focused on providing friendly recommendations and guidance to visitors and beachgoers, ensuring everyone enjoyed a safe and carefree experience.

Safety wasn’t left to chance. Beach security filters meticulously checked incoming items, preventing weapons and potentially hazardous glass bottles from spoiling the fun. Breathalyzers were strategically deployed, deterring intoxicated driving and promoting road safety. Road assistance was readily available for any mishaps that might occur.

Gerardo Alonzo Castill贸n, director of Civil Protection and Firefighters, reported the impressive deployment of 120 personnel each day, ensuring a swift response to any emergencies. Additionally, 50 lifeguards patrolled the beaches, their watchful eyes scanning the water for any signs of trouble.

Throughout the week, these dedicated teams responded to 310 incidents. Firefighters tackled 113 fires and general emergencies, while medical personnel handled 173 pre-hospital care calls. Thankfully, lifeguards sprang into action 19 times, successfully rescuing 26 people from the water’s embrace. They also played a heartwarming role, reuniting 4 lost children with their families.

Beyond the beaches, authorities kept a watchful eye on popular camping spots. Over 6,500 visitors pitched tents along the banks of scenic rivers and streams like Nogalito, R铆o Cuale, and Desembocada de El Pitillal, enjoying the beauty of nature. The Malec贸n, too, saw a surge in activity during the evenings.

Nighttime operations ensured the safety of the estimated 19,000 people who strolled along the illuminated path, with an ambulance and security personnel readily available in case of need. However, Mother Nature occasionally intervened. High tides temporarily forced the closure of some beaches, including Los Burros, Palmares, and Garza Blanca, but these closures were brief and ensured everyone’s safety.

Although the initial wave of tourists has receded, authorities are prepared to maintain their vigilance throughout the remaining vacation period. This successful first week paints a promising picture for a safe and enjoyable Easter vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

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