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Puerto Vallarta to Host Functional & Integrative Medicine Congress

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The 8th Congress of Functional and Integrative Medicine will be held in Puerto Vallarta from May 3-5. The conference will focus on three key areas: hormonal restoration, epigenetics (how behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way genes work), inflammaging (chronic inflammation as a side-effect of aging) and autoimmunity.

Leading national and international experts will discuss the interconnectedness of these topics, aiming to provide attendees with in-depth knowledge of advancements and research for a more comprehensive approach to medicine.

Confirmed speakers include Dr. Alan Christianson (US), a world-renowned specialist in natural endocrinology, particularly thyroid disorders; Marla Feingold (US), a Master’s graduate in Human Nutrition with a focus on nutrigenomics; and Bill Lawrence (US), a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences and researcher on longevity and interventions for optimal health.

Additional speakers hail from Canada and Mexico. Dr. Luc Lemaire (Canada) brings over 15 years of experience in functional medicine with a multidisciplinary and integrative approach. From Mexico, Dr. Gustavo Orozco, a functional and preventive cardiologist and researcher in lipids and acids, and Dr. Irma Spinola, a professor and speaker on hormonal replacement and functional medicine, will also be sharing their expertise.

Beyond academic updates, attendees can experience the beauty of Puerto Vallarta. The city boasts stunning beaches against the backdrop of the Sierra Madre Mountains, a diverse culinary scene with over 40 international cuisines, and a plethora of outdoor activities and adventures in unique natural settings.

The event offers both in-person and live-streamed participation. Visit the Congress of Functional and Integrative Medicine website for further details.

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