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Restoration of the Iconic Puerto Vallarta Sign is Underway

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The beloved Puerto Vallarta sign on the Malecón is getting a makeover. Faded colors prompted a restoration project that will not only bring back the sign’s vibrancy but also pay homage to Puerto Vallarta’s renowned painter, Manuel Lepe.

Leading the artistic charge are Lepe’s daughter, Marcela, and nephew, Luis. They’ll incorporate his signature naive style into the design, ensuring the restored sign reflects the artistic spirit of this “illustrious son of Puerto Vallarta.” Unlike the previous version, this one has the Lepe family’s full support and aims to truly capture Manuel’s essence.

The restoration process itself is meticulous. The letters have been thoroughly sanded down, and all broken or damaged parts have been repaired with fiberglass. This ensures a clean canvas for the artistic flourishes to come. The painting itself will breathe new life into the sign, with a focus on Lepe’s style. For a complete visual experience, the back of the letters will also be painted, allowing for appreciation from all angles.

The project goes beyond aesthetics. An informative plaque about Manuel Lepe will be installed alongside the sign, offering tourists a chance to learn about the artist who will be so vibrantly represented. This restoration project is a beautiful marriage of civic pride and artistic tribute, ensuring that the Puerto Vallarta sign remains a must-see landmark for years to come.

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