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Seattle’s Mike Eggerling Graces the Stage in ‘What A Drag’

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – In a dazzling celebration of courage and unity, ‘What A Drag’ is set to showcase the captivating transformation of straight men into enchanting drag personas, competing for the prestigious title of “Miss What A Drag.” The competition promises an extravagant display of grace, style, and humor that transcends conventional boundaries.

This week, our spotlight is on Seattle’s very own Mike Eggerling, proudly sponsored by Hogar Realtors. Mike, along with his wife Leslie of 39 years, has been a steadfast supporter of ‘What A Drag,’ underlining their dedication to causes close to their hearts.

Mike, a seasoned figure in the rental property business for 40 years, is not a newcomer to the event. He expressed his commitment, stating, “This is definitely a good cause, and we’ve been attending WAD throughout the years. We love to support causes that matter to us.”

Working alongside his Fairy Drag Mother and Hair/Make-up Artist, Carlos de Niz, aka ‘Karla Fifi’, Mike and other contestants collaborate with talented teams to craft their fabulous drag personas. Carlos has been a past WAD supporter as a Fairy Drag Mother and is a popular drag queen, performing at various venues around Puerto Vallarta. Mike’s drag alter ego goes by the name “Queen Tut,” a mystery that awaits discovery at the show.

Beyond being a dazzling celebration of diversity and inclusivity, ‘What A Drag’ also stands as a crucial fundraising platform for the Casa Esperanza Women’s Shelter. Dedicated to aiding women and children affected by domestic violence, the noble organization will receive all proceeds from the event.

Tickets for the highly anticipated spectacle are currently available, providing an opportunity to witness a powerful stand against domestic violence. The evening guarantees a unique blend of courage, talent, and unity as straight men boldly take the stage. The event is scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2024, at Teatro Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, beginning at 8:00 pm.

Ticket prices range from $850 to $2,250 Pesos and can be purchased at whatadragpv.com, with all tickets including access to an open bar. Join this movement against domestic violence and immerse yourself in an evening of glitz, glamour, humor, and heartfelt generosity.

For those interested in further supporting ‘What A Drag’ and Casa Esperanza through sponsorship, kindly reach out to Freda Thompson at fredafish(at)hotmail.com to discuss available sponsorship levels and associated benefits.

Event Details:
Event: What A Drag
Date: Sunday, March 3, 2024
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Teatro Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Tickets: From $850 – $2,250 Pesos, available at whatadragpv.com. All tickets include an open bar.

About The Casa Esperanza Women’s Shelter

Operated by Compassion for the Family Inc, a US 501c3 charitable organization, the Casa Esperanza Women’s Shelter provides beaten, emotionally abused and broken women and their children with a warm caring place to live, food, emotional counseling, nursing care, child care, child counseling, job training, life training and, most of all, a second chance at life – free of violence. When each of these women and their children are ready to embark on their new lives, they are provided with a minimum of six-month follow-up support. For more information, please visit CompassionForTheFamily.com.

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