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Sello Rojo Donates Milk to Jalisco

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – On Tuesday, Sello Rojo and ranchers from Los Altos de Jalisco introduced “One Million Liters, One Million Thanks,” an initiative that will deliver milk to those who need it most through the State Government’s #JaliscoSinHambre program.

In addition, the State made a 7.8 million pesos investment to provide tick baths for the cows, a multi-purpose warehouse, and three pipes for the transport of cold milk, as part of the projects that SADER Jalisco (the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) has developed together with the Jalisco Regional Livestock Union.

“We are in times of economic uncertainty, each effort we make as a team is worth twice as much. I want to tell you that, although we are in phase zero for the reactivation of our economy, we have contemplated 700 million pesos to strengthen the agricultural and agri-food sector,” Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez said via social media.

“In Jalisco, we are not going to leave anyone behind, much less those who are part of the engine that runs our state and who now have their activities on hiatus. The pandemic we are facing requires us to close ranks and pull in the same direction to move ahead stronger than ever,” he added.

Sello Rojo posted this video on YouTube and the following message on their website:

“The Ranchers of Los Altos de Jalisco want to thank all Jalisciense for making us part of your family by allowing us to come to your table every day. Today the situation has become difficult for everyone and we want to continue accompanying you at your table, so go pick up your liter at no cost.”

To get your free liter of Sello Rojo milk, visit sellorojo.com.mx from June 1st, and download the coupon, which is redeemable at Super Farmacia Guadalajara locations in Jalisco.

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