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Stephanie Montero Bending to Swim for Banderas Bay Conservation

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Mexican open water swimmer Stephanie Montero Bending is preparing for another incredible journey across the vast waters of Banderas Bay. Last November, Stephanie swam an impressive 37.5 kilometers in Banderas Bay for 14 hours straight, raising resources to help conserve the humpback whale.

This year, her mission is even more ambitious. From May 20 to 26, Stephanie will swim an astounding 127 kilometers in Banderas Bay, nearly four times the distance she covered last year! This swim aims to support not only the conservation of humpback whales but also the entire marine ecosystem of Banderas Bay. Her goal is to highlight environmental issues that need the collaboration of all sectors and citizens.

Joining her in this noble cause is the Northwest and West Fund (FONNOR), an organization dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. FONNOR will manage and administer the donations for this initiative, ensuring they are used effectively to benefit the environment in Vallarta-Nayarit.

FONNOR has a strong history of forming partnerships with civil society organizations, public and private sectors, and academia. Their commitment to environmental conservation is demonstrated through various projects and collaborations aimed at preserving natural resources and promoting community well-being.

The funds raised from Stephanie’s 127 km swim across Banderas Bay will support several vital conservation activities, including:

  • Environmental education
  • Whale watching surveillance
  • The “Bahía Cero” Campaign
  • Coral cultivation and monitoring
  • Rescue of entangled whales
  • Recovery of ghost fishing nets

To contribute to this cause and support the conservation efforts, you can make a donation by clicking HERE.

As Stephanie embarks on this remarkable challenge, she not only pushes her physical limits but also strives to create lasting awareness and support for the protection of humpback whales and the marine ecosystem of Banderas Bay. Her dedication and passion serve as an inspiration for all, reminding us of the importance of preserving our natural world.

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