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Tepic-Riviera Nayarit International Airport Completes Modernization

The Tepic-Riviera Nayarit International Airport has wrapped up its extensive modernization project, signaling a major milestone for regional connectivity and tourism in the area. The overhaul, which included upgrades to the terminal building, a new control tower, runway expansion, and revamped infrastructure, required an investment exceeding 2.5 billion pesos.

A joint effort by the Mexican Tourist Airport Group (GATM), comprising Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares (ASA) and Aeropuertos Mexicanos (AME), brought the project to fruition. The completed enhancements aim to bolster operational capabilities and enhance national and international connectivity, with plans for further expansion with an additional investment of 1.6 billion pesos.

As the primary gateway to the Riviera Nayarit, the airport’s strategic regional connectivity plan positions it as a central hub for tourism along the Nayarit coast. Improved infrastructure integrates the airport into a network of highways, facilitating travel from San Blas to Punta Mita and beyond.

The modernization efforts have transformed the airport into a world-class terminal, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and operational certifications to support international flights. Notably, successful test flights to destinations like Los Angeles, California, underscore its readiness for global operations.

Key enhancements include an 800-meter runway extension, a new 42-meter-high control tower outfitted with cutting-edge technology, and expanded commercial platforms. Additionally, new land accesses have been constructed to enhance user convenience.

The completion of the Jala highway to Puerto Vallarta and the ongoing construction of the Compostela-Tepic section further solidify the airport’s pivotal role in regional connectivity. With just a 45-minute drive from the Pacific coast, the airport is poised to serve as a vital access point to the Riviera Nayarit.

Acknowledging the airport’s significance, the statement emphasized its role as a catalyst for economic development in Nayarit. With international operational capabilities and improved land connectivity, the airport is positioned to drive growth and benefit local communities.

The project was overseen by Mexican Airports (AME), a subsidiary of the Mota-Engil group, renowned for its expertise in infrastructure development worldwide. Meanwhile, the Mexican Airport Tourist Group (GATM), a public-private partnership between AME and ASA, remains committed to delivering top-notch services and fostering sustainable growth for the region.

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