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Vallarta Airport Expedites Arrivals

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – At the end of November, the head of the General Customs Administration (AGA) Ricardo Ahued Bardahuil met with authorities and business groups from Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit to discuss issues concerning the functionality of the Customs area at the Lic. Gustavo Díaz International Airport.

An agreement was signed after that meeting, wherein the Customs Administrator committed to an increase in customs agents, the verification of services via the operations center, the acquisition of new RNI equipment for baggage inspection, and a review of the current equipment at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

As a result, 14 new officers have now been added to the customs area, bringing the total to 25 agents that will be attending the international passengers who will be visiting this popular winter vacation destination during the holiday season.

“We made an effort to send these 14 officers during this busy time of year, and we will check to see that the lack of sufficient personnel in the customs area is not a pretext for the service visitors receive upon arrival,” the federal officer said.

Subsequently, there will be a review of the service standards in the PVR airport’s custom area to determine if these new posts will be permanently filled.

“We’re going to pay close attention,” he continued. “I’m here to tell you that today we are partnering with the government, the business sector, and the airport administration so Customs can function as efficiently as possible,” he said.

“The policy of the General Customs Administration is to immediately address any issues that pertain to us effectively and efficiently through the use of technology, tools, and above all, with transparency, honesty, and service,” he added.

According to data provided by the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, around 5 million passengers will have arrived in Vallarta-Nayarit by the end of 2019. About 3 1/2 million of them are international passengers, which is why efficiently attending to arriving visitors, who sometimes spend hours waiting in the customs line, is so important.

Sources: contralinea.netrivieranayarit.com

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