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Vallarta Malec贸n Undergoes Restoration, Preserving Original Charm

Photo courtesy of Tribuna de la Bah铆a

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The Puerto Vallarta Malec贸n, one of the municipality’s main tourist attractions, is undergoing a much-needed facelift. Once a vibrant testament to local art, neglect had taken its toll, prompting a series of unfulfilled restoration promises. Maintenance finally commenced in March but sputtered to a halt, resuming just recently.

The director of Public Works for the City Council, Jaime Gabriel P茅rez Meza, announced they aim to complete the project by August 10. He reassured everyone that the boardwalk’s signature Huichol or Wix谩rika pebble mosaics will be meticulously restored.

“This isn’t a redesign,” emphasizes P茅rez Meza, dispelling concerns about the Malec贸n losing its character. “We’re simply making overdue repairs with a 15.5 million peso budget managed by Zofemat (Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone). A delay in the initial payment caused the setback, but we’re aiming for a late July completion, with August 15th as the absolute deadline. Rest assured, the familiar planters and pebble figures will remain.”

Local residents and businesses, initially alarmed by the machinery’s impact, worried about the Malec贸n’s charm being compromised. P茅rez Meza clarifies, “This is strictly maintenance, not a remodel. We’re committed to preserving the original design. Damaged elements like wooden benches, the sails of the iconic 鈥渨hite whales鈥, and the mosaics embedded in the walkway are already being meticulously restored.”

“We’ll rebuild what’s broken, but maintain the existing aesthetic,” he reiterates. “This isn’t a renovation or an overhaul; it’s the long-overdue maintenance the Malec贸n craved for the past fifteen years. That’s why the damage was so extensive. The benches, planters 鈥 everything will stay put. We’ll replace what’s damaged and address potential issues to revitalize the Malec贸n, ensuring it regains its former glory and continues to captivate visitors.”

The project also encompasses the pedestrian bridge spanning the mouth of the Cuale River. Its worn brick walkway will be replaced with colorful concrete to enhance its appearance and durability, further enhancing the Malec贸n’s visual appeal.

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