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Vallarta Mayor Presents Ambitious Work Plan for 2023

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – On March 9, 2023, Puerto Vallarta Mayor Professor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez presented the most important strategic projects that his government will carry out this year to consolidate the transformation of the municipality. Called the “Works that transform our history” plan, the city council will invest 232 million pesos of their own resources so as not to incur any additional debt.

Before representatives of the various sectors of society, who met at the Velas Hotel in Marina Vallarta, Professor Michel expressed his enthusiasm for this plan that “will make history” because it will transform the infrastructure of the municipality and mark a “before and after” in the history of this port city.

The “Works that transform our history” plan is the largest, most efficient and most ambitious work program in recent years, which will have a great social impact, as it consists of 160 actions and public works.


Jesús Ricardo Segura Duarte, management and public investment advisor for the Strategic Projects Directorate, listed the works, among which the rehabilitation of the Malecón stands out, with which the largest tourist attraction in Puerto Vallarta will have a new face.

The construction of a ‘house of culture’ in Ixtapa will strengthen the social fabric and open new spaces for entertainment and learning; and the rehabilitation of the Centro de Atención Animal will improve services at the city’s Animal Care Center.

Other important works include the regeneration of the urban image of the La Aurora housing unit, and road solutions at the Las Juntas intersection (with works prior to the construction of the overpass) the intersection of Av. México with Av. Las Palmas, and at the entrance area to Univa Vallarta on Av. México.

Road works also include improvements to Benemérito de las Américas, Pavo Real and the conclusion of María Montessori, San Salvador, Ecuador, Prisciliano Sánchez, Av. Federación, Playa Grande, Puerto Tampico, Basilio Badillo, 16 de September, and Tamaulipas; as well as the opening and paving of Av. Las Torres and the rehabilitation of two lanes of the Libramiento.

Other works to be carried out include: the roofing of the Olympic pool, the rehabilitation of sports units, the rescue of public spaces, more Byzantine domes in civic courtyards, improved public lighting and the rehabilitation of bike paths and sidewalks on México and Los Poetas avenues.

New bicycle lanes will be built on Grandes Lagos and Fluvial Vallarta avenues, bridges will be constructed over stream beds and canals at different points in the city, and works to protect the Pitillal and Cuale riverbeds will be carried out to give peace of mind to those who live near them.

In addition, 58 new rooms to support low-income families are planned within one of the most sensitive programs promoted by the government of Profe Michel.

“The transformation in Vallarta is consolidated with the shared effort of society, private initiative and government. To achieve this, harmony more than desire is required, commitment to social welfare is required, political will is required and, above all, a vocation for service is required… giving up the interests of a privileged few for the collective and social interest,” the Mayor said.


“These works will be carried out without indebting the municipality with a single peso, because for the first time in the history of Puerto Vallarta the budget is being used rationally, without corruption, without deviations and with the sole purpose of benefiting the citizenship,” Professor Michel stressed.

“I am proud to say that these more than 230 million are municipal resources, debt will not be contracted for these beneficial infrastructure works, as other administrations used to, those that left us debts of more than 150 million to build works that they boasted and that today we continue to pay with your money,” he added.

Source: Vallarta Opina

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