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PV’s Los Arcos Amphitheater to be Wheelchair Accessible

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – While there is no question that disabled visitors to Puerto Vallarta will encounter an equal share of pleasant surprises and steep challenges, accessibility for mobility impaired residents and visitors is improving. The Los Arcos Amphitheater will soon be adapted for people who use wheelchairs.

The Government Commission, in collaboration with the Treasury, Justice and Human Rights, and Public Services departments, approved an initiative presented in 2021 that authorized the universal access redesign of the Los Arcos del Malecón “Aquiles Serdán” amphitheater, highlighting that to date, some adjustments have been made, such as the placement of support and safety railings, along with ramps.

But there is more to do, so the Strategic Projects Department has been instructed to carry out a comprehensive project that includes the adaptation of a space for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs to get around.

Based on said project, the Movable Assets Maintenance Department will make and post signs in the spaces designated for wheelchairs, while keeping the premises constantly clean. In addition, the Vallarta Institute of Culture will be instructed to carry out constant supervision in order to maintain the theater in optimal conditions.

The placement of any element for the comfort of users of the theater’s spectator stands was ruled out, since being outdoors would make its conservation and surveillance difficult.

Source: Reporte Diario

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