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¡Viva la Constitución! Mexico Celebrates National Day with Pride

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – On February 5th, Mexico observes Día de la Constitución, a national holiday marking the signing of the Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos in 1917. This national holiday commemorates more than just a document; it marks the culmination of the Mexican Revolution’s fight for social justice and a brighter future.

Crafted in the State of Querétaro during the revolution, the Mexican Constitution reflects the spirit of its time, advocating for political and agrarian reforms, and a commitment to social justice. Despite numerous amendments, it remains the guiding force in Mexico’s governance.

Similar to the U.S. Constitution, the Mexican counterpart enshrines fundamental rights such as freedom of speech, religion, and legal rights. However, it extends beyond by ensuring citizens’ right to a decent job, housing, and health protection (Article 123). This article also meticulously outlines workers’ rights, along with the duties of both Mexican citizens and non-Mexicans residing in the country.

The celebration of Día de la Constitución, one of Mexico’s most significant festivals, offers a long weekend for citizens to revel in the spirit of national pride. Families and friends come together to enjoy traditional food, live music, and dancing. For Mexicans, it’s a time to celebrate the hard-won freedoms and social aspirations enshrined in their cherished Constitution.

As February 5th is a public holiday, banks, government offices, schools, and many businesses will be closed on Monday. In cities and towns across the nation, lively parades featuring marching bands, colorful costumes, and a sea of green, white, and red flags will fill the streets, symbolizing national unity and pride.

This Constitution Day 2024, let the celebrations serve as a reminder of Mexico’s rich history, the importance of safeguarding individual rights, and the unity that binds the nation together.

¡Feliz Día de la Constitución Mexicana!

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