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13 Ancient Mexican Artifacts Returned by U.S. Citizen

A U.S. citizen, Julie Qashu, recently returned 13 archaeological items to the Mexican Consulate in Tucson, Arizona. These artifacts, dating back to between 200 AD and 1521 AD, come from Mexico’s Central Highlands. Experts say they represent various cultures from that region.

Interesting finds include a tiny mask in the style of Teotihuacan, pieces of figurines shaped like people, and a Mexica figure of a woman holding a baby. There’s also a stone bead necklace, a tool, and spinning equipment. Mexico considers these artifacts to be important cultural property. By returning them, Ms. Qashu is helping to preserve Mexico’s history and share it with the public.

The Mexican government will send the items back to Mexico City for safekeeping. This return reflects a growing trend of cooperation between Mexico and other countries to protect historical artifacts. It also shows the importance of following international guidelines for preserving history.

Mexico is encouraging other private collectors to consider returning artifacts to their rightful place, where they can be studied, protected, and displayed. These items hold great significance for understanding the identity and history of Mexico’s indigenous cultures.

With information from Gobierno de México.

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