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Jalisco Negotiating Avocado Exports

With the arrival of Joe Biden to the U.S. presidency and the appointment of new members of his administration, authorities and agricultural producers of Jalisco will resume the negotiations for the export of avocado to the United States.

Mexico Minimum Wage Increase Jan 1 2021

Mexico's daily minimum wage will increase 15% to 141.7 pesos on Jan 1 after the National Minimum Wage Commission approved the hike last week. Members of the federal government and labor sector voted in favor of the increase, but business sector representatives opposed the hike.

Mexico Marijuana Legalization Delayed Again

The Chamber of Deputies last week put the brakes on the legalization of marijuana in Mexico. However, that country's president on Tuesday said he expects approval in early 2021 of legislation decriminalizing possession and consumption of small amounts of the drug.

Uber Mexico Grocery Delivery Service

Mexico's Federal Economic Competition Commission on Monday gave Uber Technologies Inc. the green light to acquire a majority stake in grocery delivery service Cornershop. Uber is looking at grocery delivery as a way to grow as more people stay home during the pandemic.

Mexico US Border Closed Until Jan 2021

Border travel restrictions meant to curb the spread of COVID-19 between the United States and Mexico have been extended through at least 11:59 pm on January 21, 2021, Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Relations announced through a series of tweets last Friday.

Jalisco Leads Mexico in Job Creation

The Jalisco Plan for Economic Reactivation continues to show favorable results. With 62,634 formal jobs created from August to November, Jalisco ranks first at the national level for the creation of new jobs in Mexico during the economic recovery period.

Mexico Lawmakers Want Minimum Wage Hike

Mexico's Senate last week approved a proposal to raise the daily minimum wage by 15% in 2021, the third consecutive major increase aimed at restoring the purchasing power of the country's lowest earners. If passed, minimum wage will be 140 Pesos a day as of January 1.

Mexico COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy

Mexico plans to begin vaccinating against COVID-19 next week, starting with health workers, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced Tuesday, He said the vaccines will be 'universal and free' and hopes the full population will be vaccinated by the end of 2021.

Guadalupe Pilgrimage Cancelled Mexico

Mexico's Roman Catholic Church last week announced the cancellation of what's considered the world's largest Catholic pilgrimage, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To prevent so many people from coming into close contact, this year's Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe will be broadcast online.

Jalisco Preparing for Covid Vaccine

Jalisco is the first state in Mexico to start preparing to distribute and administer the Covid vaccine, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez announced Friday, when signing the collaboration agreement with the University of Guadalajara, which will provide its infrastructure and medical team.
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