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Dogs Sniff Out Covid in Yucatan Mexico

Yucatan has two new weapons in the fight against Covid-19: dogs that can detect the virus. Specially trained to detect cases of the disease based on smell, Hocky and Kadet are German shepherds that are now part of the K-9 unit of the state's Ministry of Public Security.

Mexico Recovers Archaeological Pieces

Mexico has recovered 34 pre-Columbian artifacts that were voluntarily returned by two German private collectors, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports. 28 of the objects were in the city of Monheim am Rhein in western Germany and the remaining six in Recklinghausen, some 70 kilometers away.

Salazar Nominated US Ambassador to Mexico

U.S. President Joe Biden has nominated Ken Salazar, a former interior secretary and senator from Colorado, to serve as ambassador to Mexico. Salazar's nomination will now go to the U.S. Senate, which must confirm him before he can take over the U.S. embassy in Mexico City.

Jalisco Second in Mexico Job Recovery

During the month of May, Jalisco generated 4,723 jobs, bringing the total number of jobs created during the economic reactivation period of August 2020 to May 2021 to 72,972, and positioning the state as the second largest generator of formal employment in the country.

Jalisco Loosens Covid-19 Protocols

After 'staying in the green' on Mexico's Covid-19 Risk Traffic Light Map for 6 consecutive weeks, the Jalisco Board of Health unanimously approved adjustments and modifications to health protocols for commercial, social and recreational activities, increasing the capacity of many spaces from 50 to 75%.

Mexico Delaying GMO Corn Import Permits

Mexico is delaying import permits for GMO corn and glyphosate, according to National Agricultural Council President Juan Cortina Gallardo, even though the ban is not set to go into effect until 2024. Gallardo said that COFEPRIS is currently delaying approvals by up to two years.

Guadalajara Light Rail Line 4 Plans

Work on Guadalajara's 13.3bn-peso (US$674mn) line No. 4 of the Mi Tren light rail system will start during the second half of 2021, according to a Jalisco transport official. Construction will take three years while the testing stage is expected to finish by March 2024.

US Downgrades Mexico Travel Advisory

The US has eased its Mexico travel advisory from Level 4 (Do Not Travel) to Level 3 (Reconsider Travel). Each state has its own status, but some of the 'increased risk areas' are home to tourism destinations that are free of travel restrictions, including Puerto Vallarta.

Mexican Mango Exports to US Growing

Mexican mangoes are gaining popularity in the United States. According to the president of EMEX (Association of Mango Exporters of Mexico), by April 27, Mexico had exported 2.5 million more four-kilo boxes of mango to the US market than in the same period of the previous season.

Mexico to Auction Off El Chapo Assets

Mexican authorities will raffle off the imprisoned drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman's mansions, a luxury box seat at Aztec Stadium, and other properties. The 'mega raffle' is scheduled for Sept. 15 and will auction off 22 of the cartel's properties worth an estimated $12.5 million.
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