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Firefly sanctuaries in Mexico

Let’s admit it, Mexico is an incredible place where, wherever you turn, something new surprises you. And, just when you think you have seen it all, you discover an attraction that motivates you to visit again. On this occasion, the fireflies are the hosts of a show that is worth seeing, it will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

These guardians of light guide tourists on a night tour through the forests that are their habitat, illuminating the area and turning it into a magical forest.

This is an experience that we recommend you enjoy, at least once in your life.

Here are several Mexican destinations where you can find fireflies and enjoy this unique moment with your family and friends.

Tlaxcala, a show of light and magic

Photo by Blake Congdon. Watch his Mexico’s Magical Fireflies video on YouTube.

In the summer season, exactly in the months of June and August, you will have the opportunity to enter the habitat of the Fireflies found in Nanacamilpa, a municipality very close to the city of Tlaxcala.

In this season the fireflies come to these forests to regain strength and mate. During this part of their life cycle, travelers like you are given the opportunity to enter their kingdom and live an unforgettable moment surrounded by them. This show begins at approximately 8:30 pm.

Imagine enjoying a night walk with your family and discovering that lights are appearing very close to you and from one moment to the next you see the whole forest lighting up with a special magic that will take your breath away. Boys and girls of all ages would surely love to see this.

Firefly sighting in Amecameca

Photo by @gabyrocha6

Due to its climate and natural spaces, Amecameca in the State of Mexico is the perfect place to receive fireflies, because in this place you can not only enjoy a special moment, it also helps to preserve this species for its care.

If you want to live this experience, you must go to the natural areas of Amecameca where it is possible to enjoy the sighting of fireflies. But in addition to the main attraction, you have the opportunity to camp in the same space, perfect for a pleasant time with the family and better yet, with friends.

At all times, the guides will enrich your trip with important information about fireflies, their importance and the care given to them so that their species continues to use the forests of Mexico as their habitat.

It is certainly something worth sharing with the world.

Chipinque Ecological Park

Enjoy special moments in the Chipinque Ecological Park

MonterreyNuevo Leon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, and something that is truly surprising is the amount of natural preserved spaces to protect diversity and allow activities for tourists.

Here you can combine ecotourism with the arrival of fireflies and be part of one of the most special moments in the Chipinque Ecological Park.

This place allows the interaction of people with fireflies with some essential indications so that they do not feel invaded and can continue to enjoy their habitat.

In addition to having fun and having a memorable time, it is important to know the care that is given to them, thanks to this it was discovered that a new species of firefly arrived in Chipinque in 2014.

You can enjoy special attractions like this, and at the same time help with what they do in this place, so remember to follow the indications.

A magical walk in a Magical Town

Traveling to Tlalpujahua de Rayon is recommended in the months of May through August.

If you are already thinking about traveling and enjoying a magical moment, there is no better way to do it than a Magical Town in Michoacan.

We refer to Tlalpujahua de Rayon, a place that shines for its crafts and for having a space where our little friends, the fireflies, coexist with the inhabitants and tourists to gather in a night show.

During the day, you can enjoy the Firefly Sanctuary as a park in its entirety, but at night, it becomes a kingdom that welcomes hundreds of species that come to reproduce and embark on a new journey.

As in other spaces, this place also allows interaction with regulations so as not to make our visit invasive, here in particular it is mainly requested to wear dark clothes and not to speak loudly so as not to scare the fireflies. Take this into account when visiting.

We recommend traveling to Tlalpujahua de Rayon, Michoacan in the months of May through August, since this is when the fireflies return to their sanctuary and it will be easier for you to see the light show that attracts so much attention.

Did you know?

These small insects are very special for the fauna of Mexico, in fact, what makes fireflies shine is a luminous organ that when in contact with oxygen their body lights up. The ones that shine with the most intensity are the females, to attract the males and reproduce.

They are proof that even the smallest creature is very important, in this case, fireflies are a key indicator to know the state of rainforests and their biodiversity in Mexico.

For this and much more, we invite you to discover its natural spaces and live with them a romantic night full of lights that will make you want to repeat the experience.

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