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Jalisco Among the Leaders in Job Creation in Mexico

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – Jalisco has established itself as a key player in job creation in Mexico, demonstrating significant growth in the formal employment sector. As of April 2024, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that Jalisco generated 5,768 new formal jobs within the month, contributing substantially to the national figure of 84,857 new jobs.

From January to April 2024, Jalisco created 28,037 jobs, which translates to roughly 8% of the total 349,816 jobs generated nationwide during this period. This performance positions Jalisco third in the national ranking for job creation, following Nuevo Le贸n with 50,235 jobs and the State of Mexico with 46,736 jobs.

The Government of Jalisco’s strategic initiatives aimed at bolstering the productive sector have been pivotal in sustaining and advancing job creation. Since the beginning of the current administration in December 2018, Jalisco has added 231,358 formal jobs, securing its spot as the second-highest job creator in the country. Nuevo Le贸n leads with 254,841 jobs, while the State of Mexico stands third with 184,416 jobs. In contrast, Mexico City has lagged significantly, with a minimal addition of 2,011 jobs in the same period.

These figures underscore Jalisco’s robust employment growth and its crucial role in the national economy, driven by effective government policies and a focus on enhancing the productive sector.

With reports from jalisco.gob.mx.

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