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Jalisco the Second Largest Generator of Jobs in Mexico

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – Jalisco has become a shining example of job creation in Mexico. According to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Jalisco generated over 231,000 new formal job opportunities between December 2018 and May 2024.

This remarkable achievement means that 12% of all jobs created in Mexico during this period were in Jalisco, making it the second-highest job-creating state in the country.

The Jalisco Secretary of Economic Development (SEDECO) deserves much credit for this success, thanks to its effective economic strategies. Impressively, Jalisco continued to see positive job growth even in the first five months of 2024, creating over 28,000 new positions and ranking fourth nationwide.

What makes this accomplishment even more noteworthy is the fact that 22 out of 32 Mexican states faced job losses during this time. Jalisco stood out as one of only ten states that did not lose any formal jobs, generating 204 new positions while others like Sinaloa, Baja California, and Veracruz saw significant job losses of 19,661, 6,132, and 5,711 respectively.

In a further effort to boost employment, the Jalisco state government signed a formalization decree in May 2024. This decree leverages the Jalisco Employability System to create even more job opportunities, reinforcing the state’s commitment to economic growth and job creation.

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