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Kaiser Maximilian Chile en Nogada

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Kaiser Maximilian owner Andreas Rupprechter loves Mexico so much that he’s not waiting until September to start celebrating El Mes de la Patria. Chile en Nogada, the Mexican dish that is most emblematic of the holiday, is already on the menu at this popular south side Puerto Vallarta restaurant.

A specialty of Puebla, Chile en Nogada is not your everyday chile relleno. Made from red, white and green ingredients to symbolize the colors of the Mexican flag, it is a roasted chile poblano stuffed with a sweet-savory pork and fruit picadillo filling and served at room temperature with a delicate fresh walnut cream sauce topped with pomegranate seeds.

The story behind this traditional Mexican dish is just as unique as the combination of ingredients used in making it. According to ancient stories, Chile en Nogada was created when nuns in Puebla, Mexico needed something to serve to Agustin de Iturbide when he returned to Puebla after signing Mexico’s Declaration of Independence from Spain in 1821.

To commemorate the occasion, the nuns combined the unique ingredients of (green) poblano peppers stuffed with a mixture of meats and fruits, a white creamy walnut sauce and bright red pomegranate seeds to represent the colors of the country’s newborn flag and Mexico’s newfound independence.

Iturbide eventually became the First Constitutional Emperor of Mexico in 1822 – just as Chile en Nogada eventually became one of Mexico’s most famous dishes.

Today, this culinary creation is found all over the country during the patriotic month of September, but at Kaiser Maximilian, it’s something special. The chefs use beef filet, plus a little pit of pork loin to create the best Chile en Nogada in Puerto Vallarta. They also offer a vegetarian version.

Either way, you can enjoy this Mexican specialty in the restaurant’s air conditioned dining room or at one of its “very European” sidewalk tables, from NOW until October 10th.

Open Monday-Saturday from 8 am to 11 pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Kaiser Maximilian Restaurant & Cafe is located at Olas Altas #38B in the Zona Romántica of Puerto Vallarta. For reservations call (322) 223-0760 or visit KaiserMaximilian.com

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