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Los Muertos Pier Shines Bright After 12.5 Million Peso Overhaul

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – During his December 1 visit to Puerto Vallarta, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez inaugurated the newly rehabilitated Los Muertos Pier, a transformation made possible by a significant investment of 12.5 million pesos from state coffers.

The governor emphasized the necessity of the overhaul, explaining that the passage of time had taken its toll on the pier’s structure, necessitating a comprehensive reconstruction. “The pier was showing severe signs of wear and tear, and it was essential to address the damage,” he said.

A total of 12 million 509 thousand pesos were allocated to the project, and according to Alfaro Ramírez, the results speak for themselves. “It does look beautiful right now, and at night, it looks spectacular,” he remarked, attributing the transformation to an entirely new lighting system that has been installed.

The inauguration ceremony drew various dignitaries, including the Mayor of Vallarta, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, and a delegation of state and municipal officials.

David Zamora, Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Works (SIOP), detailed the technical aspects of the renovation. Carbon fiber reinforced all beams, and the entire structure underwent assembly, removing corroded parts and adding protective “sacrificial anodes” to prevent metal corrosion. Additionally, benches were rehabilitated, and the pier where tourists embark and disembark was reinforced.

Governor Alfaro also revealed plans to equip the pier with Red Jalisco infrastructure, which will provide visitors with access to high-speed internet.

The renovated Los Muertos pier, with its blend of aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, not only marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance Puerto Vallarta’s infrastructure, but also stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between government agencies and the community.

Addressing ongoing projects in the region in a collective interview, Governor Alfaro Ramírez reassured the public that works such as the Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue’s lateral lanes, though not yet complete, will be finished before the end of his term.

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