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Mexican Avocado Exports Spike Ahead of Super Bowl

Jalisco, Mexico – Guacamole-loving Americans are driving a surge in avocado exports from Mexico, particularly with the Super Bowl approaching. The Super Bowl typically spurs a surge in avocado consumption, primarily in the form of guacamole served with nachos and tacos.

By February 11th, when the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers face off, Mexico is expected to have exported a whopping 110,000 metric tons of avocados, generating an estimated $259 million for its economy.

In 2023, avocado exports to the United States reached a historic peak of one million 145 thousand metric tons, as reported by the Agricultural Markets Consulting Group.

While Michoacán remains the main producer of avocados in Mexico, Jalisco experienced a notable increase in exports for the 2023 Super Bowl, selling 10 thousand tons. This came after meeting safety standards in orchards and packing facilities and obtaining approval from the US Department of Agriculture.

This year, Jalisco farmers are expected to contribute another 10,000 tons to the guacamole bonanza. The state’s municipalities with the highest avocado production include Zapotlán el Grande, San Gabriel, Tuxpan, Jilotlán de los Dolores, and Concepción de Buenos Aires.

So, once again, Jalisco is playing an important role in meeting the demands of American football fans and avocado enthusiasts alike. This trend highlights the economic significance of the US-Mexico avocado trade and the impact of major sporting events on consumer behavior.

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