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Mexico 3rd Best Place in the World to Retire in 2024

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – The editors of International Living have released their picks for the Best Places in the World to Retire in 2024. Out of the ten countries listed on this year’s Global Retirement Index, Latin American destinations took three of the Top 10 spots – and Mexico came in at #3!

IL’s Annual Global Retirement Index is not a survey of all the countries in the world – it focuses on those International Living determines to have earned a place on the short list of the best nations for an affordable, high-quality retirement.

According to International Living’s 2024 Global Retirement Index, the world’s top 10 retirement destinations are:

#1 Costa Rica • #2 Portugal • #3 Mexico • #4 Panama • #5 Spain • #6 Ecuador #7 Greece • #8 Malaysia • #9 France • #10 Colombia

The Index is constructed of not just statistics, but also of real-world, practical, on-the-ground intelligence, experience and opinion provided by International Living’s editors and correspondents based around the world – but, for me, Mexico takes the cake.

Mexico could also be the retirement spot for you if you seek an adventure overseas, but don’t want to give up all the comforts of home. Almost anything you use or consume in the United States is also available in Mexico, though how easily available depends on where you base yourself in the country.

With two beautiful coasts, majestic mountains and colonial cities, the challenge is that Mexico offers many appealing lifestyle and climate alternatives, and you’ll need to decide where you might be happiest.

Here’s International Living’s take on retirement living in Mexico:

Mexico is a top-rated country to retire to for many reasons. Lifestyle, culture, warmth of its people, and affordability without losing luxury. Yes, that’s right, I said luxury. Because the cost of living is lower, you can afford a little more luxury in your life, and Mexico has plenty on offer. Here’s a couple of examples.

Every environment can be found in Mexico. There are beautiful deserts, green rolling hills, volcanos, national parks, laid-back beach towns, and thriving metropolis cities. So, however you envision your retirement, you’ll find it in Mexico.

The great news is that property prices are a lot lower, too. With beachside condos, houses, villas, or a little house in the jungle all being affordable options depending on your lifestyle choice and budget. Another great thing about Mexico is the low cost of healthcare. Even top specialists are very affordable.

These are just some of the things that have drawn an increasing number of adventurous expats to call Mexico home, even those still working, including me. When you decide to make the move, take into account your personal preferences, needs, budget, and desires, and look at the options available to see which destination best suits your needs.

International Living’s complete 2024 Annual Global Retirement Index, including more information on the winner (Costa Rica) and the other nine countries that made it in to the Top 10 – as well as first-hand descriptions of all of the countries included – can be found at internationalliving.com.

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