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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – On September 28, 2019, our wonderful Aztec group, led by Itzcax and Mayahuel, performed an Oceandance ceremony next to Vallarta’s Hotel Rosita. It was to give Mother Earth appreciation for balancing our weather, as illustrated by these surprising headlines:

California is Drought-Free for First Time in over 7 years

U.S. DROUGHT FREE!!! Less Than 3% Of Lower U.S. Under…

Austrian Weather Agency: ‘Glaciers Have Recovered’ in the Alps Due To A ‘Snowy Winter’

We were in solidarity with teams of gifted Elders and Earth healers leading ceremonies in America and England on Holy Mountains that vastly amplify prayers. It was centered on their 11th Annual World Peace Pilgrimage on Holy Mt Baldy ski area east of L.A. on Aug 25. (Click HERE to learn more: Peace with Earth and Wildfires)

We were also surprised and deeply grateful that these snow blessings also critically cooled the oceans, including Puerto Vallarta’s. This was verified by Marine Biologist Thalia Martinez and her lifeguard spouse Ramon Guerrero, who said it was so important for “restoring our coral fish nurseries and whales.” That’s why we saw more Humpbacks and some rare Orcas jumping for joy – all key to Mexico’s economy and our survival.

Joel Hammer of World BBC just came to Puerto Vallarta to help humanity understand what caused 2018/2019’s climate gift from heaven, and how we can help continue to stop this “6th extinction,” (Stanford) also inspired by a podcast hosted by GOP leader Mary Ann Christie: Suzy Chaffee – Olympic Skier, Title IX, and Equal Pay Advocate heard by 10,000 listeners.

As the sun sank into our magnificent Banderas Bay at the end of our Oceandance, my adrenal burn-out from uniting these teams of Earth Healers with hundreds praying in solidarity, gave way to feeling that our teams shared the same HUGE LOVING HEART with the world’s youth and our Earth Mother.

Greta Thunberg bolstered this Indigenous climate solution in October. She said at the Oglala Sioux Nation with her 16 year old fellow Strike leader friend, Takatawin Iron Eyes, and Chief Arvol Lookinghorse, their spiritual leader (my ski student), that besides listening to the scientists, “we must listen to the Indigenous who have been living in balance with Nature for so long.”

Given that most of students in ski towns like Telluride and Aspen joined the STRIKE with four million globally, to restore Mother Earth’s climate so they could also keep joyfully skiing and boarding, Greta is now ingeniously helping the world’s youth remember how all our ancestors ended droughts for eons through giving loving gratitude to Mother Earth.

When I got back to my eagle’s nest-like casa, I got choked up hearing all the magical stories that day from our ceremonial leaders: Robert ‘Bobcat’ Brothers Harvard PhD with his tribal Elder friends during their Holy Mt ceremony in Northern California; Olivia Ellis PhD (Cherokee) in the Northeast, Paul Nugent, a director LA’s Aetherius Society on Holy Mt Baldy; Zahira on Sacred Mt Shasta, David Antonucci, CEO of Tahoe’s Squaw Valley Olympic Museum who invited U.S. Ski areas to join; Dr Hilary Arens, Snowbird’s water scientist/Sustainability Director; NAOTF co-founders Rabbi Michael Saftler and Daniel Rolling Bears Quintana (Lakota-Aztec) for Telluride; Windsong in Canada; and Marie Astrid and Amma Magi (Sweden)… They were all blessed with needed snows or rains during their ceremonies or next day, including the Sacramento region, critical for America’s food supply along with the Mexicans picking it.

Christie, who helped make all this possible with Barbara Alley (gifted Cherokee),”2019’s Woman of the Ski Industry” then called about Snow from ‘historic’ storm smashes records in West and Midwest (USA Today) Also Canada, from BC to Calgary Alberta. Sunday marked Calgary’s snowiest September day in history. I then learned that a storm turned much of Europe white. (Please see: It’s Been Snowing In The Alps And Ski Resorts Are Already Open.)

Given the forests in both countries, and likely worldwide, have been dying from droughts, pestilences and heat from so many infernal fires, these storms are such blessings, while helping cool the Arctic, oceans and planet.

Thanks to praying for those dire spots, Puerto Vallarta was blessed with three days of the strongest rains of the season that turned hill streets into wild rivers, like has happened the past. Our WHOLE bay turned mud-colored from the massive mountain watering. Itzcax and Mayahuel agreed that this was Mother Earth compassionately re-balancing Herself for our healthy future, while cooling us off before the end of rainy season.

Dr. Ellis noted that “there was no forecast of precipitation at her Evergreen Ski Area in the Appalachians prior to our ceremonies.” Yet Canada’s storm came down from Alaska. In 2012, the American Meteorological Society Conference in Breckenridge monitored the Vail Ute-led Snowdance miracle that ended their catastrophic drought, covered by WSJ. They found that the snowdance “opened the door in the weather system so the snow dropped rather than so many times passing them by.”

Horrified seeing 40 million trees burn in California in 2017-8, I asked Olivia who led the triggering ceremony on Holy Mt Baldy that helped end “S. Cal’s 7 Year Drought in 2004,” if uniting teams of gifted Earth Healers to lead ceremonies on the Holy Mountains of the West Coast could possibly help end the droughts and fires. She said “Yes.”

Dr. Brothers’s enthusiasm then helped ignite it into an Earth Hug thanks to Olivia, the Aetherius Society’s Paul Nugent, Owen Waters’ SpiritualDynamics.net, and NAOTF’s networks also praying on August 25.

Dr. Brothers is documenting it this year to further help develop a data base of evidence for the effectiveness of the Holy Mountain Snowdances, Oceandances, Snow Welcoming ceremonies and other examples of indigenous style Earth-centered spirituality: “The Earth is activating the indigenous DNA in everyone, for community & ecology.” That’s added to NAOTF’s 59 years of press documentation and eye witness reports and science of cross-cultural snowdances ending droughts at ski areas, pioneered by Walt Disney, that saved the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics with 12 feet of snow (featured on Time and Life magazines’ covers), to be all the more powerful.

There are 30,000 U.S. and Canadians living in Puerto Vallarta and more visiting as winter “snowbirds.” While most Mexicans can’t relate to snow, this can help them understand this, and how we can together greatly help restore North America and the world’s weather and oceans by simply giving Mother Earth gratitude each time we see or hear it snows or rains.

The tribes have helped the ski areas remember what our ancestors knew that when we give love and appreciation to Mother Earth for Her snows and rains, like most women, She is even more generous. So what helped last year’s early snows to “snowball,” were last December’s snowdances hosted by Vail, Mount Ashland, Mount Shasta and Eldora in appreciation for some ski areas “opening the earliest in 24 years.”

Greta’s 18-year-old Colorado Aztec friend, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, strike leader of 100 countries, helped lead Eldora’s gratitude snowdance. He made me his godmother after heroically pioneering the kids taking back their planet by lecturing world leaders at RIO’s Earth Summit at age 12.


In case you have more snow and rain than you need in your region, or there’s not enough, Olivia says “thank Mother Earth for the OPTIMAL balanced weather there and everywhere.” Plus healing others’ hearts through respect, especially women through fair pay so they can feed millions of children in the U.S. and Mexico who go to bed hungry. Canada helped solve it through adopting the $15 minimum wage. And the Indigenous by also sharing the joy of skiing and boarding in their beloved ancestral mountains in appreciation for their regularly giving back love back to Mother Earth for all Her gifts. For them every day is Mother Earth Day, so it often snows every time they go to ski or snowboard, while most main streamers celebrate Her once a year on Earth Day.

That’s why the Earth is so out of balance. British-American Astrophysicist, Dr. George King, pioneered these pilgrimage ceremonies on the World’s 19 Holy Mountains to help humanity by giving Mother Earth massive love at this pivotal moment. All are welcome to join safe joyful ones at aetheius.org. He said, “The primary energy crisis on Earth today is the spiritual energy crisis. If this crisis were solved, no other energy crises would exist.”


Why are these snowdances critical and best HOPE? The IPCC warned that “carbon emissions need to be cut 45% by 2030 to get down to targeted 1.5C, to avoid an irreversible catastrophic future within 20 years” for everyone, including Mexico. You will see that this spiritual solution is the missing effective way to end droughts and fires often immediately, which PREVENT the release of MASSIVE amounts of Carbon while shifting to renewables. Imagine how much carbon the 2019 Record Snows prevented added to this year’s. Plus this preserves the forests that CAPTURE the Carbon that prevent the black soot from being carried by Tradewinds to melt the Arctic Ice.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Ice on Fire” warns why preventing carbon/heat melting the Arctic ice is critical to prevent the possibly fatal Methane releases. He also discovered some money making technologies for capturing it. See the trailer on HBO.com.

This is all why 10 years ago Stanford’s Nobel Prize winner (with his IPCC Team), and consultant to Aspen SkiCo and six Presidents, urged with NSAA’s Michael Berry, “all the ski areas to invite their tribes to ski because it inspires them to lead snowdances. And it would be foolish to ignore the tribal solution since it costs almost nothing.” See Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Stephen Schneider Hails Tribal Snow…

And as you see, adding the Holy Mountains can help end droughts and fires across continents, often immediately. This is especially important since forests need 15 years to regrow to fully transform Carbon to Oxygen, along with plants. Yet “the biggest transformer is the oceans’ plankton” (NOAA & NatGeo), which has been greatly hampered by over 50 years of mind-blowing constant oil spills.

That’s the little known major way that “8 fossil fuel companies are responsible for 70% of climate pollution pushing our climate to the brink of collapse,” why Greta and the 4 million youth went on STRIKE. And why students since 2016 have been leading the mobilization to shift to Renewables with Bill McKibben’s 350.org, inspired by Harvard’s student sit-in. 1,000 universities and institutions worldwide plus NYC and Ireland have been shifting $11 Trillion (in 2019) in investments in fossil fuels to renewables. (Divestment Movement Exceeds $8 Trillion | CleanTechnic)

Plus a physicist-led team at the Puerto Vallarta campus of the University of Guadalajara found that “ammonia in most fertilizers, many cleaning products and sewage is the (other main) reason our oceans heated so fast.” Fortunately, they also developed the nano-tech that is currently resetting the memory of water, which is clearing our feeder streams into Banderas Bay, together with their breakthrough of restoring our rapidly disappearing coral the fastest, and for the long term. (more info at naotf.org)

Few know that Greta’s great great uncle at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences – Wikipedia, which focuses on the Natural sciences, warned in the late 1800s that “burning coal will heat the planet.”

Thanks to Greta, these Elders and Earth healers, Dr. Schneider, the ski areas, and the press, we are together helping the world remember what all our ancient ancestors once did to rebalance Nature to end droughts. This (life-saving) Earth wisdom was almost wiped out by the Roman Empire, Inquisition and conquering of the Americas. Together we have the wings to fly with this Indigenous climate solution into a heart-centered New Dawn of our dreams!

Contributions to continue this work are dearly appreciated, and are tax deductible in the U.S. and Mexico through the Native American Olympic Team Foundation and Vallarta Saludable at NAOTF.org, or Snow-Riders.org. EIN: 84-150-7336

Suzy Chaffee, a former Olympic skier who helped invent dancing down mountains, has turned activist, journalist, filmmaker, and has worked with seven U.S. Presidents. She is now co-chairman of a non-profit partnership of the Elders of the Americas and Olympians, called the Native American Olympic Team Foundation, which aims to heal Mother Earth for all our children through joyful sports and education. For more information, contact Suzy at suzynativevoices(at)aol.com, or visit Snow-Riders.org or NAOTF.org.

Opinions are those of the author and may not reflect the opinion or policy of this site or its publisher. Content has not been edited beyond simple typo checks in order to retain the author’s unique voice.

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