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Puerto Vallarta’s Hungry Critic is Back! – Reviews Canto

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – I’ve once again donned my critic’s hat, although you may not find my reviews every week, as I now balance my time between Vallarta and our second home in Guanajuato. Vallarta has long been my gastronomic Mecca in Mexico, and the new restaurants that appear almost like magic every month continue to exceed my expectations.

What better way to kick off this new series of reviews than a visit to Canto – Modern Cantonese Bistro, one of Vallarta’s freshest culinary stars. Last week, at one of its soft opening nights, it became instantly clear why the buzz is building around this gem. Owners Henry Ho and Jeremy Reigel have cleverly transformed a former dental office on the “East Side” of the Romantic Zone into a vibrant, intimate setting for their Cantonese creations.

Our party of eight, no small feat for the newly opened venue, was graciously accommodated. Our evening began with a well-timed round of specialty cocktails, highlighted by one of the most generous and perfectly mixed Lemon Drop Martinis ($150 pesos) I’ve enjoyed in a while.

It was hard to choose with so many tempting options, but we started with the Har Gow ($140 pesos). These steamed shrimp dumplings were deliciously tender, though a couple more per order would have made them perfect. We also indulged in Deep-Fried Veggie Spring Rolls ($120p) and Crab Rangoons ($140 pesos), both delightfully crispy and paired with a zesty dipping sauce.

I then opted for the Ginger Beef ($200 pesos), a dish celebrated by Canadians for its sticky and spicy flavor, though a tad more spice would have perfected it for my palate. My partner chose the Singapore Noodles ($200 pesos), with BBQ pork and shrimp – a dish so appealing, it vanished before I could sneak a taste.

Given the restaurant’s infancy, some initial hiccups, like the lively acoustics, were noticeable. The roar from our spirited group, along with neighboring diners, filled the space. The owners, aware of this, are already on a mission to tame the decibels.

With its quick rise in popularity, reservations are a must. This place is poised to be a hot ticket for the foreseeable future!

I give Canto: 4.75 stars!

Lázaro Cárdenas 446, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata, 48380, Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Open 6 PM to 10 PM; Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
Reservations: 322-433-0999
Menu: cantopv.com

I welcome your comments or suggestions of restaurants to try at TheHungryCriticPV(at)gmail.com.

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