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Puerto Vallarta

The Hungry Critic

"Vallarta's Favorite Critic"

As a former executive chef and restauranteur, I’m often asked my opinion about a restaurant, bar, caterer, etc.

And I am never shy about telling it like it is, even though I know from experience that you can be in the weeds some days in your kitchen, and nothing seems to be going right. Eating out is truly an art form here in Puerto Vallarta, and it is my pleasure to share my experiences with you.

Each week I will review one of Puerto Vallarta’s famous and not-so-famous culinary experiences. Keep in mind, this is just my take on that one day, and yours may not be the same. Austin James


The Hungry Critic Reviews Makal in PV’s Zona Romantica

Prepare to be whisked away on a culinary adventure at Makal! From the moment you set foot in this contemporary Romantic Zone restaurant, adorned with a captivating mural by the renowned Puerto Vallarta artist Misael, you know you’re in for something special.

The Hungry Critic, Reviewing PV’s Culinary Scene: Langostinos

After weeks of reviewing Puerto Vallarta restaurants that were new to me, this week, I decided to return to one of my all-time favorite restaurants: Langostinos. Nestled on Los Muertos Beach, this culinary gem has been captivating diners for over a decade.

This Week, The Hungry Critic Reviews El Bodegón de Pastas

It's amazing how many charming little restaurants you can find just by walking down the streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta. We recently stumbled upon El Bodegón de Pastas, where the focus is not on the décor but rather on the food and service. It's up there with my favorite meals I've reviewed thus far.

The Hungry Critic, Reviewing PV’s Culinary Scene: Marlow’s

When we chose Marlow's as this week's outing, I did not realize that it was owned by Roberto Castellon, one of Vallarta's restaurateur legends, most notably of Roberto's Seafood, formerly located just two doors down from his newest adventure.

This Week, The Hungry Critic Visits Olive by Ruben

Versalles is becoming the go-to Puerto Vallarta neighborhood for eclectic and innovative restaurants. It is by far worth the 10-15 minute Uber ride for those of us who often stay close to home in the Romantic Zone. Our visit last night to Olive by Ruben was no exception.

The Hungry Critic Reviews Homun Restaurant in Versalles

It takes quite a lot to say that I may have found my new favorite restaurant. I'll need to return a few more times to make that judgment, but based on my virgin experience there last week, Homun, a relatively new Versailles eatery, will definitely be in my top three.

This Week, The Hungry Critic Visits Il Pesce Cocina de Mar

Everybody's talking about the Romantic Zone's newest little gem, Il Pesce, so I had high hopes when we ventured there for the first time this week. It lives up to its Italian roots with a wide-ranging menu of pescatarian delights and fresh pasta.

The Hungry Critic Reviews Greasy Gourmet’s Comfort Food

This week, Austin James visits Greasy Gourmet, just a stone's throw from Emiliano Zapata Mercado in East Old Town. The restaurant's tag line is 'Elevated Comfort Food', and the menu speaks with an intriguing variety. It's like someone said, 'let's just put all our favorites on it.'