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Puerto Vallarta’s Public Transit Gets a Boost with 101 New Buses

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – Puerto Vallarta’s public transportation system, long plagued by overcrowding and outdated vehicles, is gearing up for a major upgrade as 101 new buses are set to roll into the city. According to Secretary of Transportation Jalisco, Diego Monraz Villaseñor, the first batch of 25 buses is set to hit the streets next week.

When questioned about the persisting issues with the city’s public transportation, Secretary Monraz attributed the challenges to the poor condition of the streets and the rapid population growth. He added that currently, the city operates with a fleet of 280 buses, falling short of the Ministry of Transportation’s recommended count of 315.

Originally slated for introduction in November of last year, the new buses faced delays in the manufacturing process. Manufactured by Foton, a leading Chinese urban bus manufacturer, these new units are poised to transform Puerto Vallarta’s public transportation landscape.

The first twenty-five of the new 91-passenger buses, equipped with air conditioning and an integrated fare collection system, are set to cover the Ecoterra and Ixtapa B routes. In April, an additional 76 units will arrive, bringing the total to 101.

As part of the strategic plan, the buses being replaced will be redeployed to other routes, focusing on meeting the high demand, particularly in the upper part of El Pitillal.

The introduction of these new buses promises to make commuting in Puerto Vallarta more convenient and enjoyable for both locals and visitors alike. Keep an eye out for further updates as Puerto Vallarta’s public transportation system undergoes this exciting transformation.

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