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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Living near a beach is surely a dream that most people have in life. If you have this dream, do not let it go, because, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, it may be much more within reach than you imagine.

Prices can clearly vary according to the location, type of property, area and especially the proximity to the beach. Yet, with prices starting at $147,000 USD, it is possible to make your dream of living by the beach come to fruition.

In this article you will find some of the best options throughout Puerto Vallarta; from Downtown, passing through the Hotel Zone and Marina Vallarta, arriving at Nuevo Vallarta, the neighbor of this magnificent port city.

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Let’s start with the most traditional area of the city, which for the most part, still preserves the aspect that has characterized it since its origins as a magical town. It’s also located right on the shores of it’s beautiful beaches. Here you will find excellent restaurants and the best nightlife to enjoy every moment to the fullest. It even has a nearby shopping center to conveniently get all the basic items you may need.

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In this part of the city, being one of the larger zones, there’s still easy access and walking distance to the beach. Without a doubt, you will be able to enjoy relaxing morning walks or appreciate the incomparable sunsets that Puerto Vallarta can offer you. On the other hand, Plaza Peninsula, La Isla and Plaza Caracol are three shopping centers that are open daily. In this large area of the city you can cover any basic needs that may arise, along with being close to many great restaurants. You will even have excellent private medical options within an extremely short distance, located just outside of the downtown area.

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We’ve arrived at one of the most exquisite residential areas of the city, which also has easy access to the beach and is close to the two commercial squares that have not been mentioned until now; Plaza Marina and Gallerias Vallarta. This exclusive part of Puerto Vallarta offers you a great variety of businesses; cafes, exclusive shops, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, along with a great variety of restaurants. From gourmet to inexpensive, among which El Faro Bar stands out, and for obvious reasons.

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Finally, we enter the last zone of Puerto Vallarta we will cover in this article. Known as an extremely exclusive area, with luxurious properties throughout, Nuevo Vallarta is at the top of this list. Yet you will find quite accessible options price-wise when considering the location and the attractive appreciation that these properties hold in value.

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell property in Puerto Vallarta or the greater Banderas Bay area, Ryan Donner & Associates is your Mexico real estate expert. Part of the company’s philosophy is to provide their clients with all the information that they need to invest in the best deal possible. For more information, call 322-111-1162 or visit ryandonner.com.

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