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Semana Santa & Pascua Have Puerto Vallarta Bursting at the Seams

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The two-week-long Easter celebration, one of the most important vacation periods in Mexico, has begun, and occupancy forecasts for Puerto Vallarta and its metropolitan area are very promising.

For the hotel industry alone, excluding visitors opting for alternative accommodations, projections indicate a robust occupancy rate. During Holy Week, an average occupancy of 89.3% is anticipated, with peak rates exceeding 95% on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Similarly, an average occupancy of 86.6% is expected during Easter Week, with peaks reaching 89-90% on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

These estimates translate to a significant influx of tourist. Over 157,000 visitors are anticipated in Puerto Vallarta across both weeks, with an additional 90,000 expected in the greater Banderas Bay area. This translates to a combined total exceeding 248,000 tourists staying in hotels throughout the metropolitan zone.

But the positive outlook extends beyond occupancy rates. Visitor spending, based on data from 2023, is expected to average $23,122 pesos per person during Holy Week and $23,345 pesos during Easter Week. Based on these forecasts, the total economic impact for Puerto Vallarta over the two week period is expected to amount to more than $3.6 million pesos.

Several factors contribute to Puerto Vallarta’s allure. Beyond its natural beauty and diverse outdoor activities, the city’s strategic location facilitates land and air connectivity with many regions of the country.

The Puerto Vallarta International Airport, situated just minutes from the hotel zone, will operate 570 flights from 40 different cities during the Easter vacation period, solidifying its status as one of Mexico’s most connected tourist destinations.

Furthermore, bolstered by the recent addition of 30 new elements to the municipal public forces and support from the State Government, Puerto Vallarta has intensified surveillance and rescue operations across all beaches and tourist areas, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for national, as well as international, tourists.

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