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Teamwork Makes Vallarta One of Mexico’s Safest Cities

Over the last six years, Puerto Vallarta has acquired 70 patrol vehicles to strengthen security; the green and pink patrols were implemented, and a new Police Station was constructed.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Over the last six years, Puerto Vallarta has managed to remain one of the safest cities in the country, as a result of the teamwork of the municipal government, currently led by Jorge Quintero Alvarado, and the coordination that prevails with different local, state and federal authorities.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), has periodically reported on this through the National Survey of Urban Public Safety (ENSU), in which this tourist destination has stood out among the ten cities with the lowest perception of insecurity at the level national.

It should be noted that six years ago the municipal government had only six patrol vehicles for the security of the municipality but, with financial discipline and the proper management of public resources, over the last 6 years more than 70 units have been acquired – all of which are currently monitoring the streets and neighborhoods of the city.

In addition, an example has been set at the state and national levels with the implementation of the green patrol for the protection of animals, and the pink patrol to address the issue of gender violence in Puerto Vallarta.

Likewise, with the support of the state government, the new Citizen Security Police Station was built, which is already in operation, and which strengthens security tasks in the municipality.

The equipment and training of security elements has also been an important factor in this matter, and recently the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System certified the Puerto Vallarta Police and Traffic Academy as a training entity, a process that took a little more than two years to achieve.

With these and many other actions, the priority of this government has always been to prevent crime and ensure the tranquility and physical integrity of the citizens and visitors of this popular tourist destination.

Source: Puerto Vallarta Municipal Government press release

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