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The Beginning of My Ending in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Photo courtesy of Daniel Alvarez

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – This month, I signed up for Pam Thompson-Webb’s End of Life in Banderas Bay information talk at Hospital Joya. It was an informative event, I was happy to learn that I had most of my affairs in order and I noted a couple of things I need to take care of. And if you know Pam, as always, she kept what could have been a heavy topic light and entertaining.

Later that day, I told a friend about the event and encouraged him to attend. He said, “That sounds depressing!” But, it wasn’t at all, just a matter of fact conversation about a forgone conclusion, the end of my life. I like to be prepared for everything in life, so logically, that includes my death.

I frequently update my will, double check beneficiary and contact information on accounts, investments and life insurance policies. I have a bag in my kitchen with copies of all documents that will be needed at the hospital if have a major event, along with contact information for the ambulance company and hospital I want to use.

Now that my youngest son has left home for college, I am living alone for the first time in 31 years. So, I’ve given my house keys to 3 trusted friends. I’m a reliable and disciplined person at work and the gym, so if I don’t show up, somebody needs to go check on me!

I jumped all over the Swedish Death Cleaning trend and got rid of boxes of stuff, photos, mementos, crap that I’ve been hanging on to for no reason at all. I cleaned out my closet and donated clothes and shoes I’m not wearing, went through the bathrooms, closets and the kitchen in my house and got rid of anything I don’t truthfully use. I finished this exercise in my demise feeling light and calm.

Death is an easier topic here for me than it was in the US. I attribute that to the Mexican culture, here death is just another aspect of life. The yearly Día de Los Muertos celebration is a deeply moving and comforting experience for me. I’ve hung out at the beach in Mismaloya with girlfriends and lots of cocktails, talking and laughing about how we want things to go as we age and die. We make our plans and laugh some more, knowing that if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

My plans are in place, I want to live and die in Mexico. Looking forward to my end has given my life a new beginning. Each time I hike, swim, hug and laugh with friends, I make sure to savor it all. In Mexico, where the people are kind, gentle, respectful and life is easier, I will take my last breath. Mexico is my end game.

Written by Andrea Thompson a local resident here in Puerto Vallarta. To learn more about Puerto Vallarta and real estate here, contact Warren Brander Realty Group. They can be reached at +52 322-222-9809 or by email at sales(at)wbrealtygrouppv.com

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