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How to Transition a Kid’s Room to a Room Teens Will Love

As children grow into teenagers, it is just normal that they’ll want to transform their bedrooms from kids’ rooms full of toys to a more age-appropriate teen room. Updating the furniture, paint colors, bedding, and light fixtures can turn a kid’s room into a whole new space that’s perfect for this new stage of life.

What is the Real Cost of Living in Puerto Vallarta?

How much does it cost to live in Puerto Vallarta? The answer depends, of course, on your lifestyle choices and if you own your property or not, but many ex-pats live comfortably on around $2,000 USD per month, or even a bit less. Real Estate agent Warren Brander breaks down the costs for those who rent a studio or one-bedroom condo.

Eco-friendly Home Trends that Give Nature a Helping Hand

As we become more aware of the damage harmful substances can do, not just to the environment but to our health and wellbeing, a greater number of people are moving towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are a few eco-friendly home trends that improve the quality of our home environment and give nature a helping hand.

Relocating to Puerto Vallarta Not Just For Retirees

Puerto Vallarta is a vibrant city with much to offer all ages. A popular retirement destination for Americans and Canadians, the city is now seeing an influx of younger people taking advantage of the work-from-home revolution. A look at some of the reasons why.

Try These Fun Mexican New Year’s Eve Traditions

After living in Puerto Vallarta for a few years, we've learned that the holiday season in Mexico is a joyous occasion filled with traditions, color, food and family gatherings. And New Year’s Eve is no different, bringing a lot of rituals believed to bring good luck, prosperity and love in the coming year.

Warren Brander Vallarta Property ROI

So you have bought that investment property and you have picked a great location and place but you aren't getting the return you had hoped for. In Puerto Vallarta, this shouldn't be the case as the rental market is hot here with many booking a year or more in advance.
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