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The History and Meaning Behind Mexico’s Flag

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The Mexican flag is an unmistakable symbol when it comes to nationalism and, during the patriotic month of September, you’ll see the flag waving high throughout the entire country. But do you know the story behind the image in the middle? Or what the three colors represent?

We’ve created a quick summary on the history and the meaning behind Mexico’s flag so that, the next time you see it, you’ll feel just as proud of it as the Mexican people do:

The Meaning Behind the Colors on Mexico’s Flag

Each of the three vertical strips of color on the Mexican flag represents something different. The design dates back to 1821 when the colors represented the following:

• The color green represented the independence movement to gain freedom from Spanish rule.

• The color red represented the unity between the indigenous people of Mexico and the Europeans, which played a major role in the independence movement of Mexico.

• The color white was chosen to represent the purity of the Roman Catholic religion.

While these may not be particularly relevant to modern Mexico, the colors continue to hold a common significance: green is said to represent hope, white represents unity, and red is a symbol of the blood of those who died for the nation’s freedom.

The Meaning Behind Mexico’s Coat of Arms

If you’ve ever taken a close look at the flag, you’ll see that it bears the Mexican coat of arms: an eagle on a pear cactus eating a rattlesnake. This image depicts an ancient Aztec legend that is believed to have led to the establishment of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, now at the center of Mexico City.

According to the legend, the Aztecs were in search of where to build their new city and would know when they’d found the right spot because they would find an eagle perched on a cactus. They did find this image – in the middle of Lake Texcoco on a little island. As a result, they built a city that consisted of small garden islands connected by channels.

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