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Transportation in Puerto Vallarta: How to Get Around

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – Puerto Vallarta is a small and colorful beach town, and it’s easy to move around its streets. You can walk almost everywhere!

In recent years, infrastructure and mobility have been subjects of growing interest, which as a result, has made authorities and the government develop better streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes for the community. For people who do not own a vehicle, there are other ways to get around Puerto Vallarta: By bus, walking, taxi, ride-hailing services, bike, and boat.


The cheapest and most popular transportation service in Mexico. It can also be a bit overwhelming if you don’t speak Spanish or do not know the city well, but don’t be afraid! If you want to know the city and are not afraid of an adventure, you can even get to know the entire Bahía de Banderas region on a bus. The cost of a ticket is $10 pesos, and you only have to take a look at the front of the bus to see its route. If you’re not sure, you can always ask the driver if they can take you somewhere and they will let you know.

In recent years, the city has upgraded its buses, so they offer a good option for transportation if you want to get around like the locals.


Depending on the area you are in and the time of the day, taking a stroll would help you get familiarized with the city, restaurants, stores, plazas, and parks around. If you live Downtown, you can walk up until Emiliano Zapata and Conchas Chinas to the south, or the Hotel Zone and Plaza Caracol to the north. If you live around the Fluvial Vallarta area, you can walk to your favorite café in Versalles, do some shopping at Costco or La Comer, and even go to the surrounding areas like Aralias or Pitillal.

The city is also surrounded by beautiful parks and green areas worth visiting on foot. Like the Lineal Park along the Río Pitillal, which is surrounded by big and old Parota trees; and the Rio Cuale in the historic part of downtown Puerto Vallarta., which you will find to have many cool spots along the way like the Isla del Rio Cuale, with art galleries and restaurants; and the Gringo Gulch bridge.

If you take a stroll, you will find great options of restaurants, bars, small boutique shops, and cafes along your way. This is a great option for getting to know the town.


Taxis are a secure and popular way of moving around the city. Taxi fares are set by zones and almost every couple of blocks in the city has taxi sites. You can also hail one in the street. It is generally considered safe to hail street taxis in Puerto Vallarta.

The recommendation is to always agree on a price before you get into a taxi, as sometimes the price varies. A typical trip from Downtown to Zona Hotelera or Marina Vallarta runs around $100-$150 pesos, while a ride to the airport or long-distance ride costs about $200 pesos.

If you are heading to the south shore (Mismaloya or Boca de Tomatlán) you can expect to pay about $150 to $200, and $450 pesos to get to the Vallarta Botanical Garden. The shortest trip would cost $50 pesos, that is for example, from Costco in Av. Francisco Villa to Versalles or Colonia Aralias.

Ride-hailing services (Uber and Indriver)

The community of Puerto Vallarta welcomed Uber with open arms in 2017, which opened up a sea of possibilities for locals and visitors in regard to the quality of transportation in the city.

Ever since the ride-hailing apps have come to town, locals have found these options very useful, because the fares are known, and the quality and security of these services is reliable.

Indriver has also become a popular app amongst locals. It can be a bit difficult to find drivers on Uber at times, so if you don’t find a driver on Uber, you can always search on Indriver. If you are traveling from the airport to your lodging or home, these are not recommended though, as they are permitted to do airport drop-offs but prohibited from picking up arriving passengers.


Cycling is one of the favorite ways to get around Puerto Vallarta. You can explore the cobblestone streets or ride the palm-lined bike path of the boardwalk Downtown.

Recently Puerto Vallarta has renovated the Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio sidewalks and has added a bikeway all along this avenue, so it’s easier and safer to ride your bike from Downtown all the way to the Hotel Zone and Marina Vallarta. Other areas like Fluvial Vallarta do not have a bikeway but their wide sidewalks are perfect for exploring this part of the city and the Parque Lineal, along the Río Pitillal.


To visit a string of gorgeous beaches that grace Puerto Vallarta’s southern shore, you can board a water taxi departing from the Playa de los Muertos pier in Downtown’s Zona Romántica. The motorboats make stops at Playa Las Animas (25 minutes), Quimixto (40 minutes), and Yelapa (55 minutes). For departure times, inquire at the water taxi office in front of the pier.

Water taxis in Boca de Tomatlán, a fishing town about 16km (10 miles) south of Downtown, also go to the southern beaches and do so on a more frequent basis.

You can also charter private motorboats, sailboats and yachts.

If you are planning to live in Puerto Vallarta, or have just arrived to find your second home in this beautiful city, you’ll find that moving around is very easy, even if you don’t own a vehicle.

For those who long for the ocean, living on the Pacific coast offers many advantages and it is not surprising that many retirees have migrated to Puerto Vallarta. These beautiful hotel and tourist areas have become home to many North Americans and people from around the globe, who have the possibility of living anywhere on the planet but have chosen Puerto Vallarta, even only to spend the winter season.

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