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US Citizens Living in Mexico: Are You Registered to Vote?

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The United States is struggling to keep it’s democratic principles. Each of us has a responsibility to help protect the freedoms we have enjoyed for generations. The freedom to safely vote in your district; freedom to practice your religion (or no religion at all); freedom to love and marry whomever you want; freedom to read the books that you want to read, and, importantly, freedom to make medical decisions for your body.

First Step – Register to Vote
Registering to vote ensures that your voice is heard and contributes to a diversity of opinions and beliefs. Voting makes our country unique, solid, and robust. Opinions are listened to, explored, and debated; all diverse opinions are represented. Unfortunately, many eligible voters here in Mexico don’t realize that they can vote, so they miss this registration process.

Don’t know how to register or need to update your information but aren’t sure how to do this? Contact Democrats Abroad Costa Banderas at Info-MX-CostaBanderas@democratsabroad.org, and we’ll help. Contacting us is a simple but impactful step to ensure your voice is reflected in the voting process.

Step Two – Ensure your Vote Counts
Ensuring your vote is counted is essential. Each state has different rules, and many are setting up obstacles to make it harder and harder to get votes counted. Stay informed about deadlines and your state’s requirements. Democrats Abroad Costa Banderas has trained Voter Assistance volunteers who can answer questions about any new requirements in your state. Contact us and we’ll be happy to make sure you are registered.

Step Three: Volunteering to Help Others Vote: You Can Be a Catalyst for Change
Democracy is further strengthened when people such as you extend a helping hand to others. Volunteering to assist your fellow citizens living abroad to vote will make a significant difference in ensuring that more voices are heard. Volunteer opportunities are numerous, and we have resources to help you to help others.

Democrats Abroad Costa Banderas needs your help! Would you like to help people register, research the rules for the state where they vote, or organize groups of like-minded people to help foster a sense of community and shared responsibility? The soul of democracy is strengthened when we lend a helping hand to our fellow citizens.

There is no way to overstate the importance of these 3 steps. Participating in the electoral process will ensure that each of us contributes to the strength and vitality of democracy – our freedoms.

With country committees and local chapters in over 80 countries around the world, Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party organization for the millions of Americans living outside the United States. For more information about the Costa Banderas Chapter of Democrats Abroad, click HERE or contact Chapter-Chair Clint Harris at Info-MX-CostaBanderas@democratsabroad.org.

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